Feeding points of jinjila cat

       Jinjila cats are close to their owners and have strong self-esteem. Therefore, don’t scold them at will, otherwise they will be alienated by anger. You may even protest with hunger strike! It is very clean, its personality characteristics are more suitable for indoor breeding, can be said to be the ideal good cat. 1. Feeding method it is very important to form the habit of feeding jinjila cat at a certain time and place. It should also be noted that young cats need to eat many times and more food, usually at least four times a day. Adult cats only need to be fed once in the morning and once in the evening. 2. The amount of food should be determined according to the age, size, activity and temperament of the jinjila cat. You can refer to the instructions on the food package or consult the veterinarian. In order to increase food changes and protect the health of your pet’s teeth, you may as well feed them in combination or in turn. 3. Food control. About 90% of cats know how to adjust their food intake to keep their bodies balanced and slim. Even so, you should not indulge it to eat. If you want your cat to have a healthy body and ideal weight, in addition to controlling the amount of food, you need to prepare some toys for it to play and exercise. 4. Drinking water needs. In fact, the importance of water to jinjila cats is the same as that of human beings. It is not only a necessary element of diet, but also the basic nutrition for them. However, it is easy to be ignored by most owners. Although there is water in your cat’s diet, you should always have clean water in your cat’s water bowl, especially in hot weather. In this way, it can avoid drinking water in the toilet, or looking for water everywhere in the kitchen and bathroom.