Teach cornes to get along with other animals

       Many families keep small pets, not only cats, but also fish and birds. At this time, owners should consider how to protect these little animals from the cat’s mouth. Let’s talk about how to teach KONIS curly cat to get along with other animals.

       1¡¢ Stop it in time

       When KONIS curly cat began to approach small fish, birds, hamsters and other animals, the owner should scold it in time, so that the cat can only look from a distance and not touch other pets. Of course, some clever coonis curly cats will obediently obey their owners when their owners scold them, and when the owners blink of an eye, the cats will continue to approach other pets. Therefore, the breeder must prevent the cat from this repeated behavior, and strengthen the management of KONIS curly cat.

       2¡¢ Outside protection

       In the process of pet cat getting along with other pets, the owner should also prevent the cat from attacking other pet animals. When you are out or unable to manage the cat, the breeder should do a good job in protecting other pets. Separate the pet cat from other pets and keep them in isolation, so as to avoid the immature, unreasonable and unfriendly Cornish curly cat from attacking other pets.

       Of course, it is not easy to train KONIS curly cat to get along with other animals. Therefore, it is necessary for the owner to invest more energy and time in the process of domestication and give more training and teaching to the pet cat. Moreover, it is necessary to start to domesticate KONIS curly cat when it is young, so that it can develop the habit of treating people and things politely, so that it can be good to other pets and peace Department.