Introduce you to cat ear scabies

       Ear mites (ear mites) are very common parasites in the ears of dogs and cats. Both dogs and cats are parasitized by the same kind of ear scabies, namely otodectes cynotis. They parasitize in the external ears of dogs and cats, causing otitis externa and itchy ears of dogs and cats. In dog otitis externa, the incidence of ear scabies accounted for about 5-50%, cat cut off as high as 50%, so ear scabies is a quite common disease. The ear scabies parasitize on the surface of the external auditory canal, biting the ears of pets, sucking the blood of animals, inheriting generations in the ears, and parasitizing in the warm and humid ear canal, laying eggs and reproducing offspring. It is known that Sarcoptes scabies causes mechanical injury to the ear canal mucosa by sucking tissue and tissue fluid of the ear canal mucosa as a source of nutrition, and is usually accompanied by mixed infection of bacteria, mold or yeast. The degree of external ear inflammation is directly proportional to the number of parasites and the parasite time. At this time, there are more and more ear scabies, of course, pets are also more and more itchy. You can think about how uncomfortable it is if a small insect flies into your ear. Now there are hundreds of insects gnawing in their ears. It’s so uncomfortable. Life history of Sarcoptes auriculatus The life cycle of the ear scabies is about three weeks, so the treatment should last for three weeks, because the ear scabies has adults, larvae and eggs. If you only kill the adult, you may think that it is cured. Because the adult is dead, there is no ear scabies biting the ears, so the symptoms are temporarily relieved. But after a few weeks, you will find that the ears of pets begin to itch again Why? Because the larvae and eggs that were not killed before have grown into adults again, and of course their ears are once again in dire straits. Therefore, you must follow the doctor’s advice and be patient, so that the ear scabies can be completely cured. How to infect the ear scabies is very strong. They can easily infect their own children, and they can also infect pets living in the same environment, such as cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, minks, and so on! Humans don’t get infected. Prevention of scabies It’s very simple to say, but it’s hard to say that it’s not easy to say that it’s hard to say that it’s hard to say that it’s not easy to say that you don’t have to contact with other dogs and cats, but there are many opportunities for contact. For example, if you don’t have a good isolation with other dogs and cats, the ear scabies are likely to pass from one another to another. If your pet goes out for a walk and contacts with an animal with an ear scabies, of course, you will get it, Therefore, we should pay more attention to the environment of dogs and cats to avoid infection. If you suspect that your baby has this problem, take it to the doctor for examination and treatment! It is not correct for many people to buy ear drops in the market. Some ear medicines are bactericidal and are used to treat bacterial or yeast infections. This has no effect on the ear scabies. Ear scabies can only be effective with ear drops containing insecticides. At present, there are effective injection drugs for ear scabies, which are treated once a week. After the injection, the ear scabies will die after sucking the lymph of animals, but the eggs produced by the insect body will continue to hatch. The general life cycle is three weeks. Therefore, it is necessary to treat once a week, 3-4 times continuously, until all the hatched worms die.