What is the reason why cats always call in the middle of the night

       Cats often call in the middle of the night, which is a headache and anger. The sound of the cat made the family unable to sleep well, and even complained by neighbors. So why do cats call in the middle of the night, and what should be done if this happens?

       Cats call in the middle of the night, probably because they are in estrus. This is the normal physiological reaction of a normal cat. When the cat is in estrus, its character will become restless. In order to attract the opposite sex, they will cry and urinate everywhere. In this case, the master’s anger and scolding are useless. And owners shouldn’t treat cats like that.

       To change this situation, you can sterilize your pet cat after it is in normal estrus (of course, the owner must consider whether it is necessary to do sterilization). In the face of the call of the cat in estrus, parents should be better to appease and the hospital should treat the pet cat with a tolerant and generous attitude. When the cat has passed the oestrus, it will not always call in the middle of the night.

       The cat barks in the middle of the night, and it may be because it has developed bad habits since childhood. Or sleep too much during the day, leading to energy is still very abundant at night. In addition, the cat is a nocturnal animal. It will focus on rest during the day. At night, it will start to move. Jumping and calling are inevitable.

       To avoid these situations, the owner should pay attention to guide and train the cat to develop good living habits when he is young. During the day, the owner can also interact with the cat more, play games, give some toys to the cat to play, help the cat consume its energy, so that it can sleep quietly at night, instead of calling all the time.