How to buy exotic short hair cats

       Exotic kittens are cute and cute in appearance and gentle and sticky in character. They are very suitable for girls to feed now. However, the prices of good exotic kittens are relatively expensive. For unfamiliar people, they do not have the ability to distinguish good from bad. What should we do then? How can we buy exotic short haired cats?

       1¡¢ How to distinguish pure exotic short haired cats

       1. Overall situation

       It has moderate physical development, strong muscles, thick limbs without bending, normal walking, and strong reaction by pulling legs and feet with hands. It is normal for kittens to protrude slightly. He was fluffy and fluffy, and had a reaction immediately when he heard the call. After being teased, he had a desire to play, and he had a strong appetite for the smell of meat. All parts of the body are well developed, the bones are strong, and the reaction to the surrounding is very sharp when feeding. Touching a cat with your hand can feel that the cat’s body is strong and strong. If there are muscles in the shoulder, chest and North, then the cat is in good health.

       2. Variety testing

       If you choose to be a kitten, you may not be able to tell whether the cat is a good breed or not, whether it will grow up in good shape, and whether it can grow more beautiful, then you can go to see the cat’s parents. If the parents are pure, beautiful foreign short hair, then the kittens born after the appearance will be very beautiful Oh.

       3. Consult a professional cat expert

       Friends who like exotic short hair cats must make preparations before selecting them, or consult professional cat experts to accompany you to the market to buy cats, so as to avoid being confused by cats with similar appearance and different breeds on the market. Choose a good exotic short haired cat.

       2¡¢ Buy exotic short haired cats

       The main reason why exotic short haired cats are very popular is its nose! But we all stubbornly believe that the shorter the nose is, the better. In fact, it is not. Although it requires a line of nose and eye, it does not mean that the shorter the nose, the better! The upper end of the nose of a cat should not be beyond the corner of the eye. If the kitten is selected, the nose of the two month old kitten will be very close to the face and there is no distance between it and the face. Most of the noses will not grow well when they grow up.

       Besides, have you ever noticed the ears of exotic short haired cats! The foreign short hair cat’s ear position must be low, the distance between the two ears is wide, only then can have the very wide frontal bone, the ear must be small, the best ear tip forms the circle!

       Many people are very concerned about the color of the foreign short hair cat’s fur, but never pay attention to the richness of the coat. In fact, the color of the cat’s fur does not play a decisive role in the game, but if the richness of the fur is not enough, it can make a good foreign short haired cat lose the game! In the cat game, this item also accounts for a high proportion of competition points!

       The eyes of all cats, no matter what color they are, are blue when they are very young. As they grow up, they gradually grow into the color that the breed should have. Before adulthood, the color of their eyes has been getting better and better. It’s hard to choose a kitten’s figure and eyes when they are young. It depends on their parents. If their figure, posture and eye color are very good, the kitten’s must be correct!

       3¡¢ Price of exotic short hair cat

       The relative reproduction rate of exotic short haired cats is low, and the survival rate is lower than that of other breeds of cats. During lactation, breeders need to invest a lot of energy, so the price is higher than other breeds of cats. And this breed of cat requires a lot of appearance, and the height difference is also very large. Considering the current domestic market, it is normal for a short cat with a price of more than 1500-20000. Generally speaking, foreign short hair cat products with extremely low prices are generally fair. Of course, tens of thousands of them have CFA certificates.

       Before buying exotic short hair cats, it’s better to have a look at it and determine which one you like best.

How much is an exotic short haired cat

       Exotic short haired cat, also known as Garfield cat, is a kind of pet cat with a very pleasant appearance. It is a big fat cat who likes to gossip, eat, sleep and play tricks on people. Both adults and children are fascinated by its charm. What is the market price of this kind of cat?

       Exotic short haired cat has won many titles in China’s cat industry, and it is also one of the favorite cat breeds for domestic young people. Considering the domestic market, the price of exotic short hair cat is rising constantly, reaching 10000, and it is not a pure exotic short hair cat. The price of pure breed exotic short hair cat is more expensive. It seems that it needs tens of thousands of them. Ordinary cat star people can’t afford to buy it. Therefore, they can only buy a foreign short hair cat with a little impurity as their pet.

       How much is the foreign short hair cat? Different grades, the selling price of foreign short hair cat is not the same. However, it is suggested that the buyer should choose the exotic short hair cat according to his own economic ability. He should not lose his mind and pursue what he likes.

Introduction of exotic short haired cats

       Exotic short haired cat is a breed bred by artificially mating Persian and other long haired cats with American short hair and Burmese cats in the United States in the 1960s. At the time of the breeding plan, the exotic short haired cat was still very thin. The breeders of Persian cat worried that the pure bred Persian would be hybridized. Some breeders even strongly criticized it as “damaging the purebred cat”, so they banned mating in 1968. Of course, there are still some secret efforts, and finally found that breeding with American short hair cats, the body gradually formed. It was not until the 1980s that the exotic short haired cat was officially established. It was once nicknamed “the Persian cat in pajamas” because of its unique features other than fur. The exotic short haired cat, which is a collection of the two families, has already made great achievements in the major cat exhibitions. Who can remember that the cat was banned from mating because of “damaging the purebred cat”? The cat’s history was not long ago. It was bred in the United States about 1980 and was recognized by the Cat Association. As a result of repeated breeding by many people, there are many varieties of exotic cats, almost all of them have fur colors. In appearance, it basically inherited the farcical shape of Persian cat. Except for the short hair, other body shape, limbs, head, face and eyes are the same as Persian cats. Fife recognized exotic short haired cats in 1986. This variety has been very popular in the United States and is gradually becoming popular in Europe. Native to the United States, the new breed is bred through selective breeding. In the early 1960s, breeders in the United States developed a plan to cross the Persian cat with the American short haired cat, so as to produce a new breed with both the plump and attractive appearance of the former Persian cat and the latter’s easy to comb its coat. Its reproduction is viviparous. Its personality is quiet, lovely, warm and pure, sweet, peaceful, informal and loyal. On the other hand, it is as lively and playful as other varieties. It’s as quiet as a Persian cat, close to people, and as naughty as the American Shorthair cat. The standard short haired cat is similar to the Persian cat in appearance. The only difference with Persian cat is that its hair is short, thick and fluffy. The ideal heterogeneous short haired cat should have strong bones, average body, soft and round lines. Round eyes, big round head, wide distance between eyes, short and thick neck, short nose, nose with obvious depression, nasal segment high and placed between two eyes, full cheek. Broad and powerful jawbone with strong chin. The thin round ears incline slightly forward, and the distance between the two ears is wide. It has large, round and stout claws and a short tail in proportion to the body. For some owners who love Persian cats, but are busy and lack time to take care of them, the exotic short haired cat is an excellent choice. In general: the first impression of an ideal short haired cat is its strong bones, soft and sweet looks, and round lines. Large and round eyes, the distance between the eyes on the head should be wide. Emphasize the spherical appearance. Head: large and round, with a wide skull. A round face shaped by a round skull and a short, thick neck. Nose: short, upturned and wide. There is a depression in the eyes, which is the center of the face. Cheek: plump. Jaw: broad and powerful. Chin: plump, well developed, thick, powerful and round, with normal occlusion. Ears: small, round and forward sloping ears, wide distance between ears, located at the lower part of the head, suitable for round head feeling. Eyes: large, round, plump, brightly colored. Because the lacrimal gland is short, the short eyes are more likely to shed tears than other cats and need to be cleaned every day. Body: short body, short legs, chest width, shoulders of the same thickness, same width from shoulder to hip, full in the middle of the body and horizontal in the back. Strong muscles, not fat. Medium to large: quality is more important than size. Legs: short and strong. The front foot is straight, and the back foot is also straight from the back. Soles: large, round and strong. There are five toes on the front foot and four toes on the back foot. Tail: short, but in proportion to the body. There must be no normal bending. Coat: dense, thick, soft and vibrant. It has bright color, thick short hair and moderate length. Cat with neck hair or long tail hair can be selected as AOV grade. Color: it has a variety of colors and patterns, including solid color, smoke color, class pattern, two-color and key color, etc.

Is Garfield easy to keep

       Garfield cat is also known as exotic short hair cat. We are not unfamiliar with it, because the cartoon “Garfield cat” is deeply loved by everyone. In real life, because Garfield is cute and honest, more and more cat lovers choose to raise Garfield. So, is Garfield easy to keep? What should be paid attention to when raising Garfield cats?

       In terms of life, Garfield should first build a warm and comfortable cat nest for it and build a happy and relaxed living environment for it. At home, Garfield also needs to prepare a fixed toilet, choose a fixed place to eat. Let Garfield cat daily life, through training let it develop good habits. Let it sleep, excrete and eat in a fixed place, and get along well with the host.

       In terms of diet, parents should choose appropriate food for feeding. In general, professional cat food on the market is the best food for Garfield. This kind of professional cat food is developed according to the nutritional needs of cats. The cat food contains the nutrition needed by Garfield to ensure the normal growth of Garfield.

       In terms of health, parents should clean and tidy the cat in time. Garfield should be groomed at least once a day; teeth should be brushed 3-4 times a week; eyes, ears and anal gland parts should be cleaned once; toenail growth of Garfield cat should be checked and necessary trimming should be carried out in 3-4 weeks; Garfield’s hair should be cut short at the same time; Garfield’s bath need not be carried out frequently, but it also needs to be thorough when necessary clean.

Which character is better, Muppet or Garfield?

       Puppet cat, a very expensive kind of docile cat, is generally recognized as a good cat; Garfield, as we often say, is an exotic short haired cat, with a lovely heart under its cute appearance. If we compare these two kinds of cats together, we can see which one is better, which is really difficult for us.

       1¡¢ Meet the puppet cat – gentle fat man

       Muppets are big and soft. If fat people are gentle, then Muppets are worthy. Many people will agree that Muppets are cute. If there is a list of the best among cats, Muppets will be the top five. Muppets are gentle and quiet, and they are very friendly to children. They are very good companion cats. Adult Muppets are bigger and heavier than ordinary cats. However, they look strong and beautiful, with smooth hair and bright eyes.

       2¡¢ Get to know Garfield, a fat man

       In fact, Garfield is not just the fat image in the cartoon. Garfield is also the abbreviation of exotic short hair cat. The most famous one in the foreign short hair cat family should be Hong xiaopang. The most popular video of hongxiaopang is taking a bath in the water without any fear of water, which also leaves a deep impression Impression, are exotic short haired cats so good tempered? In fact, most of the exotic short haired cats are more lively, but some quieter Garfield cats are not excluded.

       3¡¢ Which one is better, Muppet or Garfield

       Comparatively speaking, Garfield has more people, which does not mean that Garfield’s personality is better, but for many reasons, Garfield is more common and popular in the market. To say, compared with personality, more people tend to love puppet cat. Most people think that puppet cat is more obedient, while Garfield is more naughty. Of course, there is no absolute truth in the world Garfield is a “quiet and beautiful man”. After some training, he will stay at home quietly. Some naughty puppet cats are also born, but they are not common. In particular, the owner will do some basic training for the cat, which will lead to certain changes in the cat’s character.

       I like a kind of cat because of its beautiful appearance. Of course, it is one of the conditions for the owner to choose whether it is smart or not. The owner prefers a smart cat, which will not cause any trouble to the family. Muppets and Garfield are both smart cats, which are more suitable for family rearing.