Cats can eat less and more meals to lose weight

       Any animal is very greedy. When it comes to delicious food, it will never be enough to eat. When many owners feed cats, because they can’t bear the innocent look of the cat, they will feed the cat a lot. In fact, this is an important reason for the cat to get fat. In order to make the cat healthy, the first thing is that the cat should not be fat. For the fat cat, the owner can implement less Eat many meals.

       1. According to a 400 page survey report written by the American Academy of Sciences, 25% of European and American cats and dogs are “obese” to varying degrees. Like humans, they also face the threat of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The report reminds pet scientists, pet food manufacturers and pet breeders that it’s time to lose weight for dogs and cats! Cats and dogs can make vitamin C in their bodies, so they need to add it to their meals, the report said. In addition, cats are carnivorous animals and need to eat meat frequently, but dogs are not. They are still strong and strong after eating a well-balanced vegetarian diet for a long time. Cats and dogs can’t be fed on the same diet because they need different combinations of protein and carbohydrate.

       Generally speaking, cats are more picky than dogs. The report recommends that cat owners should adopt a multi meal system, that is, 12-20 times a day, with very little food at a time. For dogs, they only need to eat once a day to get the energy they need to sustain the whole day. The report warned cat and dog breeders that they must control their pets’ food intake and should not let them eat as they like. At the same time, cats and dogs also need a lot of fresh drinking water, which also helps them lose weight.

       3. The report also provides a series of data standards for judging whether cats and dogs are overweight, but the simplest way is to touch their abdomen. If they can’t touch the ribs, they should be considered overweight. For cats and dogs that are already overweight, the report suggests that they should eat less and that owners should feed them some bad food to reduce their appetite.

The misunderstanding of cat maintenance: fatter, fatter?

       Although fat cats are very cute in some people’s eyes, for cats, obesity may not be a good thing, it will seriously affect the health of cats. In fact, many owners have found that their cats are fatter than other cats. However, since the cats have not shown any obvious abnormality, they think that it will not matter if the cats are fatter. However, the fact is that obesity has brought harm to the cat’s body. However, if the owner can be vigilant at that time and take some positive measures for the cat, then the cat may not have to endure the pain caused by the disease.

       1¡¢ Why does a cat become a fat man

       Eating too well, too little exercise and illness may make the cat lose shape. If you want to keep the cat healthy, the owner’s maintenance work must be scientific and reasonable. For example, you should control the cat’s food intake, because some cats will not control their own food intake. If the owner does not help them control their food intake, they will easily become fat cats; similarly, snacks The supply of snacks should also be moderate. If snacks are provided without restriction, cats may not only gain weight, but also may not eat staple food. And because now many domestic cats will not go out, the amount of exercise is greatly reduced, so the probability of becoming fat is much higher. In addition, if the cat has some diseases that can lead to weight gain, the owner needs to call the veterinarian for help immediately.

       2¡¢ What harm does cat get fat

       Obese cats are more likely to suffer from some diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, liver disease and so on. And because of the weight is too big, the cat’s joints also have to bear greater pressure, some cats will suffer from arthritis and so on. If appropriate, the veterinarian may advise the owner to help the cat lose weight, but the owner needs to follow the arrangement of the veterinarian.

       Therefore, in order to have a healthy cat body, the owner must pay attention to avoid excessive lateral development of the cat, otherwise, when the cat has any problems, you may regret it. If the cat has become fat, then the owner needs to check the cat regularly and see whether or how to help the cat lose weight according to the opinions of professionals. For the sick obese cats, whether to lose weight and how to fatten should also be carried out under the guidance of the veterinarian to avoid unexpected situations.

How to lose weight for cats

       I think you all have a headache about the obesity of cats. Unlike dogs, cats need to be taken out for a walk every day and have proper exercise. In addition to eating is sleeping, lively cats play with toys, calm point of the cat is nothing to squat there thinking cat, with the cat adult body fat gradually increased, which makes the owner very distressed, let’s talk about how to give the cat the right weight loss.

       1. Eating plan

       Weight loss can be achieved by controlling the amount of heat in food. For this reason, we can use the low calorie pet food on the market, or reduce the original food intake. Try it a few times before finalizing your eating plan. The selected eating plan should be carried out for at least two weeks, and then further reduced food should be based on the effect. During the weight loss phase, pets will definitely feel hungry. No matter how pitiful it looks to beg for food, don’t give in! This principle should also be explained to your friends and neighbors, otherwise your efforts will be in vain.

       2. Diet

       Sometimes, reducing the amount of food can achieve the effect of weight loss, but this may lead to the relative lack of some nutrients, and make the cat often hungry. These problems can be solved by using low-energy cat food. The special formula of these foods can satisfy the hunger of cats, while limiting the calorie content and ensuring the adequate intake of other basic nutrients.

       3. Prevent rebound

       Once the cat has reached the target weight, the veterinarian will tell you how to maintain the desired weight. At the same time, we should continue to pay attention to the weight of pets. Don’t go back to the habit of overfeeding, but adjust the diet according to the amount of activity. Don’t indulge in meeting the cat’s begging. Add or supplement some snacks between meals, as long as the meal has enough calories.

       Obesity in cats can lead to urinary diseases, diabetes, liver disease, and increase the difficulty of carding, thus leading to skin diseases. It is generally considered that an animal is overweight if its weight exceeds 15% of its normal ideal weight. I hope the owners will make up their minds and not give up losing weight because they are afraid that the cat will look pitifully hungry.