How to raise Muppets

       Puppet cat is very friendly to people and has strong patience, so it is called the best playmate of children. Raising a puppet cat requires patience and love. 1. Fully equipped puppet cats are suitable for indoor breeding. Therefore, it is better to have complete equipment for raising cats at home, such as cat scratch board, cat climbing frame, etc., so that cats will not wander around. 2, more people to accompany the Muppet cat happy, the owner had better spend more time with them to play games. If you are a busy office worker, you’d better have children or old people at home, and they will spend more time with puppet cats. 3. Fur carding puppet cat is a kind of long hair cat, so daily fur carding is essential. Because Muppet cats are gentle and have less hair loss, combing their hair is a relatively simple job. 4. Pacify the mood of the Muppet cat is also sociable. It won’t be jealous like other cats. Therefore, we can keep other pets while keeping Muppet cats, but we should also pacify the mood of Muppet cats. 5. Be patient with Muppets. Cats like to be intimate with people. They are willing to follow you from room to room and lie down on you to sleep. Therefore, the cat owner must be patient with them and let them be at your side all the time, so that it can feel the love of its owner.

How to raise Siamese cats

       Siamese cat has elegant posture and noble temperament, more and more people choose it as a pet. Is Siamese cat easy to keep? What should be paid attention to in raising Siamese cats?

       Siamese cats are known as “princes of cats”. They are handsome in appearance and witty in character. It’s relatively simple to raise, but if you want to raise Siamese cats, the owners still need to work harder.

       Before raising, we should know that Siamese cats are very sensitive to cold. Therefore, it should be kept in a warm and comfortable environment. It is most suitable to get warm sun during the day and cold wind at night. At the same time, Siamese cats are also very picky about their cat’s nest, so the prepared cat’s nest must be spacious enough, and the cat’s sleeping mat should be comfortable and soft, otherwise the dissatisfied Siamese cat will refuse to sleep.

       It may be that the long-term aristocratic life made Siamese cats have certain requirements on the quality of life and their appearance. Siamese cats love beauty very much. They clean their hair and keep their bodies clean and beautiful every day. Of course, parents had better comb their hair every day, regularly remove fleas and other parasites, brush their teeth about three times a week, trim their toenails in time, and take a bath regularly. All these are the main ways to make Siamese cats beautiful.

       Friends who have raised Siamese cats must know that they love to fight. Therefore, in the process of raising parents need to do a good job of care, when necessary, to isolate breeding. In addition, Siamese cats like to communicate with their owners, they are willing to be touched by their owners, and will look at their owners affectionately. Moreover, caressing and cuddling are also effective ways for owners and cats to communicate with each other and to bring their feelings closer.

How to feed jinjila cat? How to feed chinchilla

       1. Pay attention to gastrointestinal skin care

       Keeping jinjila cat is the same as taking care of Persian cat. We should pay more attention to the gastrointestinal and skin care. Because jinjila cat facial secretion is too much, its facial cleaning care is also essential.

       2. Keep your home dry

       Jinjila is the best place to live in a dry environment. If you love a cat, you may want to turn on the air conditioner or dehumidifier for your cat to reduce the humidity and make it live more comfortable.

       3. Comb your hair every day

       In grooming, the owner should spend 5 to 10 minutes a day. Comb the cat’s hair to avoid knotting of the undercoat. Cats who don’t comb their hair often may need to cut or cut off their hair because of too many knots. The disordered fur is also a hotbed of bacteria, so you can’t be lazy if you love cats!

       4. Clean your body regularly

       If the living environment is humid and sundries are accumulated in the house, the cat often has the opportunity to walk around and easily get covered with dust. The owner should clean the cat’s body every 2 to 3 weeks. On the contrary, if the owner can keep the home dry and clean, the cat needs to take a bath every 2 months.

       5. Regular and quantitative feeding

       In terms of feeding, we should feed jinjila cats in a “fixed time and fixed quantity” way, because this will make it easier for the owners to find out when the cat has no appetite and to be on guard against the cat’s illness or indigestion.

       6. Choose dry food

       Jinjila cat should eat more dry food, which helps the cat to improve chewing ability, and hard dry food can help to remove calculus; on the contrary, wet food is easy to stick to the teeth, so it is difficult to remove, but it will make the cat form calculus. Of course, cats eat more dry food, and occasionally eat some wet food is not a big problem.