How to prevent skin disease of Scotch cat with broken ears? How does broken ear cat get skin disease to do

       How does Scotch fold ear cat get skin disease to do? Here are some materials for you to learn from

       1. Before the rainy season comes, give the cat a bath and it must be dried. I use top shampoo.

       2. All the folding eared cats live in rooms facing the south. They are allowed to exercise in the yard every day to bask in the sun. The ultraviolet rays in the sun sterilize them.

       3. The cat nest and litter basin used by folding eared cats are often exposed to the sun when they have time.

       4. If there is no sunshine in rainy days, you can buy a pet lamp with UV light and hang it in the cat room to look for the lamp that has not hurt the eyes of animals.

       5. Often feed nutrition cream, increase their body vitamin, improve immunity.

       6. After birth, wash the mucus from the body with warm water, blow it into eight parts with a hair dryer, and put it back to the mother cat. This method can greatly reduce the chance of the cat getting milk moss.

       If your cat has a skin disease, it is recommended to go to the hospital for a doctor’s diagnosis. Because there are many kinds of fungi, there are also different types of ointment for different fungi. If you use the wrong ointment, it will only cause the more skin diseases.