Types, advantages and disadvantages of cat litter

       Cat litter is used by almost all cat owners in the city. Nowadays, the common cat litter varieties are coagulated sand, wood sand, crystal sand, etc. Among them, the price of different kinds of cat litter is different, and the effect of its use is also obvious difference.

       Cat litter is one of the necessary products for cat owners. It is mainly used in cat toilets to achieve deodorization and condensation. Among many kinds of cat litter, bentonite sand is famous for its low price. This kind of cat litter also has good condensation power and deodorization function. Bentonite ore also accounts for 80% of the international market, and is welcomed and pursued by cat owners.

       In addition, clay cat litter is also widely used. Its advantage is that after the cat excretes urine, it solidifies into a lump of soil. When the cat litter coagulates, it is easier to clean, keep the environment free of dust and odor, and protect the environment clean and healthy.

       Secondly, silica gel cat litter is also widely used. The basic component of silica gel is silica, which is similar to the desiccant used in daily life. But the price of this kind of cat litter is not very cheap, but it is very convenient to use, and has strong ability of absorbing water and removing peculiar smell. It is also convenient and sanitary after use and easy to clean up.

       Finally, there is a kind of female cat litter, which is made of wood, and can be divided into non setting type and non setting type. The main advantage of this kind of cat litter is that it is environmentally friendly and natural. It has a natural wood flavor and can be decomposed. It can be burned after being used by cats. Therefore, it is convenient to clean up and its price is relatively moderate, so it is widely used.