In winter, when we see newborn stray cats

       Now there are more and more stray cats in the community. The female cats are in spring and autumn estrus. If there is no mating, the oestrus will last for a long time. If the mating is successful, a new batch of stray kittens will be born. The stray kittens born in winter are easy to be frozen to death or frostbite. What should we do if we encounter the newborn stray kittens?

       When you find stray cats, their body temperature is often very low, they feel a little cold with their hands, and they may cry or dehydrate all the time. If so, the following points should be noted:

       1. Try to stimulate and help it to defecate. Kittens may suffer from holding up their urine and urine, and holding for a long time will be harmful to the body. At least try to stimulate it to urinate.

       2. Warm the kitten’s temperature slowly with your own temperature. Don’t use hot water bottle or hair dryer.

       3. Feed it with 5-10% glucose water or Pedialyte every other hour. 2 cc per 100 g body weight.

       4. Don’t feed hypothermia kittens! Because its intestines and stomach have stopped working, if you feed it, it will die of flatulence.

       Next you have to consider the problem of feeding it for a long time. The best way is to find a mother cat to feed it. But before you put stray cats with another litter, make sure they are free of infectious diseases. In addition, the mother cat can not feed too many kittens, too many kittens will make the mother cat’s nutrition insufficient. It is understood that their own kitten in two weeks under the cat mother is more willing to feed stray cats. If after a week, the mother cat may be reluctant to feed, and because the kittens are too different in size, the kittens are pushed or pressed under the body by other cats. Sometimes it’s hard to find a mother cat. If she can’t find it, it needs artificial feeding. Because Stray Orphan cats are very vulnerable, we should put more energy into feeding them and take good care of them.

       Finally, Xiaobian once again appealed that if you love cats, you should take your cats to the most sterilization operation. We don’t have the energy to raise so many cats, so don’t let more stray kittens be born.