Is the cat too hyperactive and needs treatment

       ADHD is a common name for attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder. It refers to a group of syndromes that occur in childhood and are characterized by obvious difficulty in attention concentration, short duration of attention, excessive activity or impulse compared with children of the same age. In fact, many cats also have ADHD symptoms. What should be done if cats are hyperactive? Sometimes cats also have this kind of disease. In life, cats are constantly moving. The amount of activity is significantly more than other healthy pet cats. At the same time, there are impulsive performance.

       Some people say that it doesn’t matter if the cat is lively in life. It’s not for you to see if your cat has ADHD, but to send the cat to the hospital for a detailed diagnosis, so as to determine whether the cat has ADHD. Usually, it doesn’t matter if the cat is lively and playful. Sometimes cats like to move because they are too energetic or too young. Of course, if the pet cat in addition to non-stop movement, there are other abnormal performance, then as a parent should pay attention to, take the cat for examination, to see if it has ADHD. If it is confirmed, then professional treatment should be carried out without delay.