Ten conditions indicate that the cat may be sick

       As people who love cats and keep cats, the most worry is that cats are sick! Once you get sick, it’s not just about the economy, it’s more about the health of the cats and the fear that they’ll leave us. However, some diseases don’t form in a day. In fact, as long as we observe the behavior of keeping cats in our lives, and we can see a doctor immediately when we find something abnormal. In this way, we can avoid the occurrence of many unfortunate things. Today, we will talk about the abnormal situation of cats in their life, which indicates that they may be ill!

       The first performance: listlessness

       When you come home, you find that your cat doesn’t welcome you happily, but hides in the nest alone; when you take out its favorite toy, it doesn’t rush forward excitedly; when you come to it and call it gently, it doesn’t make any response When a cat is depressed, it tells you that it is ill. A cat’s listlessness is the precursor of many diseases. When the cat is slow in action, introverted and slow in response, it is necessary to observe its other reactions to judge the disease.

       The second manifestation: nose dryness and fever

       The nose of a healthy cat is moist and cold. Except when the cat is sleeping and just waking up, if the nose is dry, it means that the cat is not very comfortable. If your cat’s nose is hot and dry, take your cat’s temperature immediately. The cat is likely to have a fever.

       The third performance: loss of appetite

       When a cat suddenly appears anorexia or sudden increase in food intake, it indicates that the cat’s body is abnormal. The milder disease is hirsutism, and the serious disease is diabetes (sudden increase in food intake but weight loss).

       The fourth manifestation: abnormal respiratory tract

       The cat has respiratory symptoms, such as sneezing, coughing, dyspnea and other symptoms. It may be that the cat has a nasal bronchial problem or has a cold.

       The fifth manifestation: vomiting

       Vomiting is also one of the important manifestations of a cat’s illness. The owner should pay attention to the observation. If the cat’s mental appetite is normal after vomiting, it is generally just the vomit of hair balls, and you don’t need to pay attention to it; if you continue to vomit, you should fast, water and feed lactase for 24 hours. If the vomiting symptoms disappear and return to normal after fasting and taking medicine, it should be small gastroenteritis caused by ingestion, and it is unnecessary to seek medical treatment if vomiting continues and worsens.

       Sixth performance: drooling

       When the cat has the symptoms of salivation, pay attention to observe the cat’s mouth. The causes of the cat’s mouth watering include eating foreign bodies (such as chicken bones, needles and other sharp items), oral ulceration, etc., and in serious cases, it may be cat leukemia.

       The seventh performance: lameness

       When a cat is afraid to land on its limbs or limp, it may be a stab on the foot in mild cases, or fracture in severe cases.

       The eighth manifestation: the third eyelid exposure

       When a cat sleeps, if you peel off its eyelids, you can see that there is a white membrane attached to the eyes, which is called the third eyelid. When a cat has a fever or is seriously weak, it shows the third eyelid.

       The ninth performance: constipation, diarrhea, abnormal stool

       When the cat has constipation or diarrhea, it can be observed at home. For constipation, edible oil can be used. For constipation, Kaiselu enema should be used for more than 3 days. For specific methods, refer to the constipation problem in the cat’s seven sterilization record. If diarrhea occurs, you can first feed mamiyai, but if the diarrhea continues, you need to see a doctor immediately. Abnormal stool, including green stool and fecal worms, is generally caused by parasites, and parents should not take it lightly.

       The tenth manifestation: closed urine, frequent urination, urinary incontinence

       Once the cat, especially the male cat urinary system problems, parents must immediately pay attention to it, because once the cat hold urine for more than 24 hours, it will cause azotemia and even renal failure and uremia, the consequences are very serious. If the cat urinary tract disease is treated timely, the cat can live a healthy life, but if the disease is delayed, it will have a great threat to the cat’s life

       Cat parents should always pay attention to their baby’s physical condition, so that timely treatment of disease, do not let small disease, serious disease, so that the cat can live long and healthy.