Benefits of cat fur care

       Cats are clean animals. They comb their hair as soon as they have time. However, there are always some small corners that the cat can’t handle. This requires the owner’s help. Cleaning the cat regularly can not only make the cat look more powerful, but also good for health~

       Daily fur care can not only remove dirt, lice, prevent hair ball, comb and brush hair, but also help blood circulation and promote skin metabolism. The cat can also be petted regularly by its owner. The main thing is that this is a time for the owner to communicate with the cat. Cats in the master’s caress and mutter, the spirit will also be stable.

       Cats may hate this touch at first, but as long as they get used to it, they will enjoy it.

       It can be replaced by other items in your home

       Among the fur care products, special for cats are shampoo, nursing liquid, powder, nail clippers, comb, etc., which can be bought in pet shops.

       Comb: sparse teeth are used to comb the whole body, dense teeth are used to catch fleas, and small combs are prepared for combing the face. If it is a steel comb hole, it can be used semi permanently and can be sterilized at high temperature.

       Nail clippers: human nail clippers are slender, not suitable for cats, so they must be special for cats.

       In addition, brushes, hair dryers, scissors for cutting balls, cotton swabs for cleaning ears and oil for cleaning ears do not have to be special for cats.

       Brush: use animal brush which is not easy to get static electricity. The soft brush is suitable for the long hair type, and the hard brush is suitable for the short hair type. The scissors with blunt head should be used to avoid damaging the skin. It can also be used as a hair clipper.