How to raise a red tiger with exotic short hair

       Red tiger spot exotic short haired cat is the original Garfield cat, belonging to a branch of Persian cat, originated in the United States. Around 1960, American breeders crossed American short haired cats with Persian cats in order to improve the color of American cats’ fur and increase their weight, thus giving birth to exotic short haired cats nicknamed Garfield.

       The red tiger spot exotic short hair cat is specially bred for those who like Persian cats but are too lazy to take care of their long hair. This kind of furry and energetic cat is very common in the United States and gradually popular in Europe. Red tiger spotted exotic short haired cats are easy to get along with and quiet, but don’t like to be lonely, so it is relatively simple to raise.

       The red tiger spotted exotic short haired cat was recognized as a new breed by CFA in 1966, while Fife recognized it in 1986. In daily life, they are very clean, will often lick their hair, clean and tidy the body. So parents don’t have to comb their hair every day, but they should at least comb their hair once a week to clean the dust and dirt on the short haired cat’s body to ensure its health.

       Red tiger spot exotic short hair cats are lovely and beautiful in shape, and their lacrimal glands are very developed. Parents need to clean them in time in life. Generally speaking, it is best to clean the cat once a day. In order to prevent the cat’s eyes from being infected with foreign bodies or inflammation, parents can choose some suitable eye drops and drop them regularly to protect their eyes.

Character characteristics of exotic short haired cat (Garfield)

       Exotic short haired cat (Garfield) is the best of all cats. It has nothing to do with what bites and scratches don’t like strangers. If you imagine a cute cat with a perverse personality, you have to be a foreign kitten (Garfield).

       The character of exotic short haired cat (Garfield)

       They are independent in temperament, do not like noisy, like to look at the host but will not harass, most of the time will find their own fun. On the other hand, they also have strong curiosity, lively and intelligent, not nervous, can adapt to the new environment immediately, so they are easy to raise. However, because exotic short haired cats and Persian cats have a flat nose, so it is easy to have inflammation, so it is necessary to clean its face regularly. As long as they are cleaned up every day and kept healthy and active, their life span can reach about 13 years old.

       Exotic kitten (Garfield) maintenance

       1¡¢ Insect repellent

       Imported insect repellent

       It can be used to treat ear mites and ear mites

       2¡¢ Nutrition cream

       Nutrition cream: Vic, Junbao, these two brands are good, Junbao is better and more expensive, Huamao ointment: yishigao is recommended, and the effect is fast.

       Exotic short haired cat (Garfield) is quiet, lovely, warm and pure, sweet, peaceful, informal and loyal. On the other hand, it is as lively and playful as other breeds. It is as quiet as the Persian cat, close to people, and as naughty as the American Shorthair cat. Take one home quickly!

Which character is better, Muppet or Garfield?

       Puppet cat, a very expensive kind of docile cat, is generally recognized as a good cat; Garfield, as we often say, is an exotic short haired cat, with a lovely heart under its cute appearance. If we compare these two kinds of cats together, we can see which one is better, which is really difficult for us.

       1¡¢ Meet the puppet cat – gentle fat man

       Muppets are big and soft. If fat people are gentle, then Muppets are worthy. Many people will agree that Muppets are cute. If there is a list of the best among cats, Muppets will be the top five. Muppets are gentle and quiet, and they are very friendly to children. They are very good companion cats. Adult Muppets are bigger and heavier than ordinary cats. However, they look strong and beautiful, with smooth hair and bright eyes.

       2¡¢ Get to know Garfield, a fat man

       In fact, Garfield is not just the fat image in the cartoon. Garfield is also the abbreviation of exotic short hair cat. The most famous one in the foreign short hair cat family should be Hong xiaopang. The most popular video of hongxiaopang is taking a bath in the water without any fear of water, which also leaves a deep impression Impression, are exotic short haired cats so good tempered? In fact, most of the exotic short haired cats are more lively, but some quieter Garfield cats are not excluded.

       3¡¢ Which one is better, Muppet or Garfield

       Comparatively speaking, Garfield has more people, which does not mean that Garfield’s personality is better, but for many reasons, Garfield is more common and popular in the market. To say, compared with personality, more people tend to love puppet cat. Most people think that puppet cat is more obedient, while Garfield is more naughty. Of course, there is no absolute truth in the world Garfield is a “quiet and beautiful man”. After some training, he will stay at home quietly. Some naughty puppet cats are also born, but they are not common. In particular, the owner will do some basic training for the cat, which will lead to certain changes in the cat’s character.

       I like a kind of cat because of its beautiful appearance. Of course, it is one of the conditions for the owner to choose whether it is smart or not. The owner prefers a smart cat, which will not cause any trouble to the family. Muppets and Garfield are both smart cats, which are more suitable for family rearing.