Sex distinction of chinchilla

       Many new owners of baby chinchilla will be very curious about whether their baby is male or female, so how to identify the gender of chinchilla? Only a few months after birth can the sex of chinchillas be clearly identified, because their sexual characteristics are very small. Both male and female chinchillas have chickens (in fact, this is their defense weapon – water gun). The difference is that the chinchilla chick is attached to the excretory pore, while the genital orifice is usually just a tiny slit that is hard to notice. There are also some differences in personality between different genders and different fur colors. Generally speaking, male chinchillas are more active and naughty, and, um Lecherous (our family’s coffee often tries to touch the PP of Fenfen next door through the cage with his little hands, and stares at other Tomcat girls affectionately when he is free or not, as long as it is within his sight range. It is said that the adaptability and resistance of male chinchilla is stronger than that of female.