What are the colors of wolf dog’s eyes

       Wolf dog is also a very common pet dog. There are many common wolf dog breeds, such as Demu, black back, Langqing, etc. in addition, some long looking wolf like dogs can also be called Wolf dogs. Wolf dog’s eyes are more sharp, of course, the color of its eyes also have different kinds.

       Wolf dog’s eye color is mostly brown or black, if there are other colors such as dark green, it is a defect. The structure of wolf dog’s eyeball is quite special. The research also found that the dog can distinguish the gray of different color levels, and also can distinguish some colors, especially blue and purple.

       When the light passes through the retina and reaches the iris at the back of the wolf dog’s eye, it is reflected back to the retina again for imaging. This is why dogs and cats can hunt at night with the help of low light. The light reflected from the iris still passes through the retina, which is why the dog’s eyes glow in low light.

       In essence, the wolf dog’s eyes do not emit light by themselves. There are many special crystal points at the bottom of the wolf dog’s eyes. These crystal points have a strong ability to reflect the light. They can gather the scattered light around and gather them into a bunch to reflect them intensively. It seems that the wolf’s eyes are glowing.