How to stop cats from biting wires

       Cats are always interested in wires and other things, so it is inevitable that the wires at home will be poisoned. When a cat is gnawed, it is small, but when it dies, it is big. So what if your pet cat nibbles at wires? Needless to say, it’s very dangerous for a cat to bite a wire. Parents must pay attention to it and try to stop it. 1. Put all the electrical sockets in the house where the cat can’t reach, and the wires should be hidden. If it is really impossible to hide, then choose to use tape to fix it and seal it, so as to prevent the cat from biting the wire easily. 2. When not using household appliances, unplug the corresponding power supply. In this way, even if it is impossible to prevent the cat from biting the wire, the cat will not be hurt by electricity. 3. Once the cat is found biting the wire, the owner’s attitude should be severe punishment and warning. Through the warning and threat of parents, let the cat have fear, let it slowly get rid of the habit of touching and biting wires. 4. Prepare more late sleep that can attract cats at home. Ball, biting glue, biting stick, grinding claw board and so on. Distract the cat from gnawing at the wires. 5. Choose some spray that the cat doesn’t like and spray it around the wire and socket to avoid the cat from biting the wire because of curiosity. No matter what method is used to prevent the cat from biting the wire, parents should train and teach the cat well when it is young. It is very important to develop good living habits.

Why do cats like to bite textiles

       The parents of cats may find that their cats like to bite the sheets very much. Sometimes they may eat the thread on them. At this time, it is better to stop them! So why do cats have this hobby?

       Some kittens like to carry textiles in their mouths, which may be a comfort to them. Most kittens have this habit, some don’t. But those who do not seem to have this habit, may not only like to bite these things, but also may have eaten them all at once. For some reason, these cats seem to prefer wool products.

       We don’t know why, but it’s quite common in Siamese and Burmese cats.

       It is also common for early weaning cats (2-4 weeks). We are not sure that early weaning will lead to this habit, but it may be more or less related to it.

       Since swallowing textiles can lead to very serious digestive diseases, we must try our best to prevent them. It’s better to put the clothes in the cupboard, and don’t let them touch.

       If the habit is so serious that it must be stopped, it must be treated with drugs.

       Some researchers point out that giving them cowhide toys may divert their attention from clothing to toys. This is a way worth trying.