Introduction of ten common tropical fish species

       Many novices will find the body color of tropical fish bright, very good-looking. But is it suitable for breeding? Xiaobian will introduce ten common tropical fish species for you, so that you can have a preliminary understanding of them. 1. Blind fish are native to Mexico. It is a very beautiful ornamental fish, about 8 cm long, covered with bright silver scales, all fins are cream colored. 2. The origin of glass cat is Java, Sumatra, Malaysia, Borneo and Indonesia. It is also called cat head crystal fish. It is very good-looking. The biggest feature is that the fish body is transparent and the bones are clear. The viscera only accounts for less than 5% of the whole body. 3. Kissing fish are famous for their love of kissing each other. The body length of kissing fish is generally 20-30 cm. The body is oblong. The head is big, the mouth is big, especially the lips are thick and big, and have fine serrations. 4. Zebrafish is also known as blue striped fish and flower striped fish. Origin: India and Bangladesh. Zebrafish is fusiform in body, about 5cm long, round chest and abdomen, and flat tail. The body tone is yellow, and the back is olive. From the back to the abdomen and hip fin, there are many dark blue longitudinal stripes directly to the caudal fin, which is named after zebra. 5. Elves are famous for the destructive power of crabs and mutants. Even so, he is shy and introverted, and is easily disturbed by other cohabitants when eating algae. 6. The origin of pomfret is from Southeast Asia to South Africa. It is 10-23cm in length, rhombic in shape and flat in side. The dorsal fin is similar to the anal fin in shape and size, and the front end of the anal fin is like a finger. Its body color is silvery white, its dorsal fin and tail are golden yellow, and its head has two black stripes running through the eyes and the posterior edge of the gill cap. 7. Black Lotus lamp is also known as black neon red light fish. The country of origin is Brazil. Its body shape is similar to that of red lotus lantern fish. It’s dark. There are three longitudinal stripes on the side of the body. The top one is yellow green, the middle one is white, and the lower one is a wide black band. The fins are transparent. 8. Head and tail lamps are also known as electric light fish. The origin of South America is Guyana and the Amazon River Basin. The body length is 4-5cm. The body is long and flat, the head is short, and the abdomen is round. There is a golden spot on the upper part and tail of both eyes, which reflects golden yellow and red colors under the light. 9. Peacock fish is also known as rainbow fish and million fish. Real estate Venezuela, Guyana, West Indies and other places. The peacock fish is slender and has a very beautiful tail, so it is named peacock fish. The body length of male fish is about 4 cm, and the length of tail (including caudal stalk and caudal fin) accounts for about 2 / 3 of the total length; the body length of female fish is 5-6 cm, and the tail length accounts for more than 1 / 2 of the total length. The origin of pearl vest is Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia in Asia. Pearl vest is perhaps the most beautiful and most popular fish among the betta family tropical fish. Its silvery brown body and even its fins are covered with pearly spots, which makes it particularly elegant. This is the origin of its name.