The mainstream of short haired cats is “hybrid”

       Most of the cats we see belong to short haired cats. No matter domestic or wild cats, short haired cats seem to be more adaptable to this society and environment. We will find that long haired cats are more lazy and full of personality, while short haired cats are more stubborn and refuse to recognize life.

       1¡¢ The short haired cat has a lively character

       Most cats are short haired, and they have a tendency to run around compared to long haired cats. In particular, Asian cats headed by Siamese cats and thinner faced cats like Abyssinian cats, their bodies are very tight and muscular, and they always run around tirelessly. Even at home, they are often mischievous.

       Short haired cats are still relatively unknown. They have a strong tendency to be coquettish to people, and want the other party to care more about their own mood. Because of this, they always express their love to their master directly. However, if the short haired cats are alone for a long time, they will accumulate tension, and they will run around and make trouble.

       In 1966, Canada first bred hairless cats, which took the articles on cat fur to another extreme. There is a big difference between hairless cats and short haired cats – they prefer to be quiet.

       2¡¢ The mainstream of cats is “hybrid”

       Most pet dogs are purebred dogs, while the mainstream of pet cats is “hybrids.”. Hybrid cats are not only very different in character, but also in their body patterns. Because their genes have been mixed together since a long time ago, the fur of hybrid cats has different colors and patterns. These patterns are just like their “ID cards”. The owners can even recognize their cats with just one glance.

       3¡¢ The stripe pattern is a classical pattern

       The classical patterns on some cats are the kind of circular or swirling stripes seen in their ancestors, the Libyans. Among them, the most classic style is a large spiral pattern on the side of the body and a circular pattern on the tail. The pattern on cats is very much like that they hide themselves in the grass and other places.