Introduction of four different body types of cats

       There are many kinds of cats, and their body shapes will naturally be different. Today we will introduce four kinds of cat body types. 1. Short body short leg type (short fat type) Persian cat is the representative variety of short body and short leg type. Short body, thick shoulder and waist circumference, strong body type. The biggest feature is that the head is round, the tail is short, and the claws are round and big. In addition to the Persian cat, the exotic short haired cat, Burmese cat, Himalayan cat and man Island cat also belong to this type. 2. The half short body short leg type is similar to the short body short leg type, but the limbs, body and tail of the half short body short leg type are slightly longer. Although the claws are round, they are not as big as the short legs. American short haired cat, American hard haired cat, colapo cat, chartre cat, Singapore cat, Scotch fold ear cat, selkeck curly cat, British Shorthair cat, Bengal cat, manchukan cat, European short hair cat, Scotch ear long hair cat, etc., are all semi short body and short leg breeds. 3. Foreign type slim and chic foreign type. However, compared with the Oriental type, it is not as thin as the Oriental type. Abyssinia cat, ohos blue eye cat, nebe long hair cat, Russian Blue Cat, etc., are all Bi type cats. 4. Semi foreign type and semi foreign type is just between Oriental type and short body type. The head is slightly rounded wedge-shaped, and the body is slightly short and strong. American Curly eared cat, Egyptian cat, snowshoe cat, Canadian hairless cat, Devon curly cat and dongkini cat all belong to this type.