How to fix the place for hamsters to defecate

       Training dogs and cats to defecate at fixed locations is still common. But will it be more difficult for hamsters to know how to use the toilet as well as dogs and cats? The following is a small compilation of information, teach you how to let hamsters in a certain range of toilet.

       We need to prepare a toilet. There are a lot of toilets on the market. In addition, we can do it ourselves. However, the height of the entrance and exit should not be too high, so it is not convenient for rats and mice to get in and out. As for the location of the hamster toilet, we can choose the place farthest from its nest. For example, if the hamster’s nest is in the lower right corner of the cage, the toilet should be placed in the top left corner. Because this is the habit of rats and mice, they are used to urinating far away from their nests. As for the sand put in the toilet, it is better not to buy sand that will become solid when urine is wet, because rats and mice like to play in the sand and may eat it by mistake. When you’re ready, you’ll see how the rat behaves. At first, it may not be clear, so you can see where it usually pees and try to move the toilet there. So the mice should go to the bathroom to pee. If it still doesn’t work, you can put it on the toilet sand after wiping it with sawdust, or put it on the sand pile. If it still doesn’t work, make a diaper.

       Generally speaking, golden hamsters are more likely to remember the location of the toilet than do the dovar hamsters. Of course, there are rats who can’t remember where the toilet is. If you try many times and still can’t do it, you should give up! If there is no toilet, it will not affect the sanitation of the breeding environment, then let the rats go at will!

       However, rat POOP is more troublesome than urination. Even if it will go to the toilet to urinate, there are many mice that can’t go to the toilet to urinate, because wild mice also have the same habit.

       Wild rodents dig a toilet hole in their nests, but most of them are used to urinate. Their stools usually go to places outside the toilet. The reason is still unclear. In addition, some rats will bite or contain feces, and then spit out their stools. If the rats in your family will do the same, don’t worry, because the food fiber that rats eat will be decomposed into carbohydrates by bacteria in the cecum, and these carbohydrates will be excreted without being absorbed. Therefore, rats will swallow the excreted feces into their mouths, which can be effective Use 80% of your energy.