The character characteristics of Havana cat

       For those who want to have a cat that can be held in their hands all the time, Havana is a good choice. They enjoy their family life very much and are eager to get the constant attention of their owners. If you ignore them, they won’t let you off easily – they always appear in front of you, and then gently shout or directly sell cute. They just want you to pay attention to yourself.

       From their behavior, it is not difficult to find that the Havana cat is also a cat with high intelligence quotient, and the basic life training is not difficult for them. In addition to being clingy and smart, Havana cats are also very lively. If you have a Havana cat, you will find that the atmosphere at home is no longer dull, and they like to play with their owners. So if you have time, play more games with them, and they will become more and more dependent on you. If you’re away from home for a long time, it’s better to have toys and cat racks ready for them, so they don’t get bored.

       Havana cats like to run and jump, so the owners also need to do a good job of arranging the furniture at home, such as fragile goods, do not put them where they can reach. Havana cats are also very curious cats. If they hear something moving, they will immediately be alert and go to the direction of the sound.

       In addition, the Havana cat is also a kind of cat with strong motherhood. Once they become mothers, there will be a lot of interaction between the mother cat and the kitten, and the owner does not need to worry about the feeding of the kittens. However, although the female cat is responsible for her kittens, the owner still needs to pay attention to the new mother and newborn, and help them as soon as they find any problems.

What are the training precautions for Havana cats

       The Havana cat (details) is a cat with a very high IQ. Even if they are not trained, they know how to attract their owners’ attention and successfully get their owners to give them what they want. If the owner can guide the Havana cat patiently, the cat can not only live in the human family such as fish and water, but also become a “big star” who can perform various skills.

       1¡¢ The patient guidance of Havana cat training

       Cats are delicate in mind, and they may catch a little bit of their owner’s emotions. Therefore, when training cats, no matter how long they have learned the skills you teach, don’t blame them or even corporal punishment. Because once there is such an experience, the cat’s mind may leave a bad impression, when they are trained again, they will produce resistance from the heart.

       2¡¢ How to train the Havana cat

       During the training process, the cat may do some behaviors that you don’t want them to do. This is because you must stand firm and show a “no” attitude. The cat can understand the owner’s meaning after being stopped several times. And if the cat can accurately complete the owner’s instructions, the owner should give them timely rewards. The degree of incentive should be adjusted according to the difficulty of training.

       3¡¢ Thinking from the perspective of cats

       No matter how smart the Havana cat is, not every cat can learn all the skills taught by its owner in a short time. In addition, some Havana cats are even born “do not love learning”. For such cats, it is better not to force them to master any skills, as long as they can adapt to family life and grow up healthily and happily.

       When a cat has mastered a skill, the owner should not forget to review it regularly because of complacency. If the cat is not allowed to review the skill for a long time, the cat will gradually forget what it has learned in the process of time passing.