Introduction of hawksbill cat

       Tortoise shell cat (tortoise shell cat) is named after one kind of turtle, hawksbill cat, because its fur color is very similar to tortoise shell, so it is called hawksbill cat.

       The name of hawksbill cat is simplified from “hawksbill cat”. Therefore, hawksbill cat is not a variety of cat, but a general term for one color cat. It should be noted that the hawksbill cat is not the same as the British hawksbill cat.


       Hawksbill cats generally have uniform fur color, which is more fluffy and soft than that of monochromatic cats. A hawksbill cat with a good coat color is like a tree on an autumn afternoon. The sun shines through the mottled shadows of yellow leaves on the ground and disappears in the grass. It is really a very good protective color. If you have a hawksbill cat in your home, you will love such a special little thing because it is very difficult to mix it up with other cats.

       What’s more interesting is that many hawksbill cats have an obvious black and yellow fur split on the face. It looks like a big painted face, which is lovely.

       The differences between hawksbill and tortoise shell and WhiteCat are as follows

       The colors of hawksbill cats (black, yellow and white) are mixed. There is no clear distinction between them. Some are striped and some are only black and yellow, which is irregular in general. The black, white and yellow fur color of hawksbill white cat is distinct, and the boundary is clear.