Be careful when feeding folded eared cats

       Compared with other cats, folded eared cats need more attention in their diet. First of all, there are some things that cats can’t eat, such as chocolate, onions, and so on. Because of their inborn genetic relationship, folding eared cats have other cats that need to be supplemented. They should also pay attention to them. Let’s follow Xiaobian to have a look.

       1. Don’t add calcium to the cat with broken ears. All cats with broken ear gene have the chance to have some degree of bone and joint disease, and the more serious the cat with broken ear, the more serious the genetic disease. All the cats with broken ears had abnormal development of cartilage ossification, which was manifested in the tail, ankle and knee. At this time, calcium supplement not only has no help to the cat with broken ears, but also may cause cartilage calcification and aggravate the disease. But don’t deliberately reduce the calcium content in the diet of the cat. As long as the owner does not blindly give the cat calcium, many owners think that calcium supplement is helpful for the broken ear cat’s bone disease, which is completely wrong.

       2. Eat less salt. Although ordinary cats rarely eat salt, it does not mean that cats can’t eat it. If cats eat too much salt, there will be some disadvantages, especially for the folded ear cats, because salt will increase the heart load of the broken ear cats. Some of them are congenital heart disease patients, so they are quieter than ordinary cats, because they can’t stand the heart after exercise. The heart of all broken ear cats needs to be well protected, such as not eating foods with high salt content. If the owner makes his own food for the cat, he should pay attention to the amount of salt added. If he buys cat food and snacks, he can taste it himself. If he thinks the salt content is high, he should not provide it to the cat.

       Because of its inborn relationship, the owner must pay more attention to maintain its health. So start with food.