How to train a timid cat to be close to others

       Cats are very curious and always want to run over and have a look at new things. But in fact, cats are very timid, especially for long-term domestic cats. Therefore, it is very important to train cats to be close to each other.

       1¡¢ Get used to people’s voices.

       It is difficult for a timid cat to have a sense of trust. If the owner is single and only the cat is at home during the day, it is more important to have skin communication with the cat after returning home. Also have when going out, use recording telephone to talk with cat, make it accustomed to human voice.

       It is very important to hold it and play with it.

       Cats are originally cautious animals. They usually ignore strangers and sometimes run away. Some people may feel satisfied as long as the cat and its owner are close, but if the people around you recognize and love your favorite cat, it will be a happy thing after all. Even wild cats also like to be close to people, but there are also situations in which purebred cats are cherished to recognize new life with people. It can be seen that cats have various personalities. They have been held by people since their infancy. Cats who play with people often like to be close to people.

       What should I do if the cat recognizes itself?

       It’s very important to let a cat contact people you don’t know. Short haired cats like to be hugged, but it seems that there are a lot of long haired cats running away from your arms as soon as they are held. That’s why, from the beginning of kittens, please hold them as much as possible. But don’t let the cat feel bored to always hold it, do not hold the cat reluctantly. Sometimes play with the cat, throw the ball to him, or touch it while teasing it, and have skin communication. If the owner is single or family members are less, you can often let the cat like friends come home to play, to let the cat experience the contact with strangers.