Brief introduction of Muppet cat

       Puppet cat is also called bradol cat, doll cat, doll cat, Latin scientific name is ragdoll. Although the size and weight of Muppets are the largest of all cats, they are really quite gentle and big. They are very friendly to human beings and can be tolerant even in the face of children’s fighting, so puppet cats are favored by many families.

       The origin of the Muppet cat is the United States. It was bred in the 1960s by ANN Baker, a woman who lives in California. It was recognized in the United States in 1965, and then gradually entered other countries. Puppet cats came into China late, only 10 years ago, but puppet cats became popular in China in a very short time, which is inseparable from their outstanding appearance and excellent personality.

       If you like clingy cats, Muppets are definitely a good choice. They love to be around their owners, and if you’re busy, they won’t disturb you, because Muppets are very soft and most of the time, they keep quiet. At the same time, besides being very friendly to their owners, puppet cats are very friendly to strangers, children and other animals. Therefore, the owner does not have to worry about whether the puppet cat will harm the guests or other animals at home.

       In addition, Muppets are highly adaptable to the city. They can not only endure the hot summer, but also safely spend the cold winter. Because the Muppet cats have no body odor and do not drool, they will not bring much trouble to their owners’ daily life. Moreover, puppet cats have strong trainability. As long as the owner can guide them properly, they will respond accordingly according to the instructions.

       However, the fur of puppet cat is longer, because the owner needs to comb the cat’s hair regularly, which can not only alleviate the situation of cat’s fur flying at home, but also make the cat’s hair more healthy!