Shape characteristics of snowshoe cat

       Snowshoe cat is a breed bred by crossing Siamese cat (detailed introduction) and bicolor American short haired cat. It is native to the United States. It is lively, playful and gentle. It is a good playmate for children.

       Snowshoe cats are bred to combine Siamese cat color with Berman cat’s white ankle. They are huge, and some of the male cats are more than 5 kg. The new born snowshoe cat is white all over and has to wait for two years before the appearance of class pattern. Originally, Siamese cats were the main fur color, but now a variety of cat breeds have been developed.

       Head: slightly round triangle, nose of moderate length.

       Ears: medium to large, with wide base and slightly rounded tip. The villi in the ear are sparse.

       Eyes: fairly large, oval, chestnut shaped, with slightly raised tips. The distance between two eyes is one eye width.

       Color: blue, the darker the better.

       Paw: the claws are moderate in size and round, like the Burmese cat, and its claw tips are also white.

       Tail: length is proportional to body. The base is moderately thick and tapers to the tip.

       Coat: thick, glossy, smooth on the surface of the body. There is a little undercoat.

       Coat color: dark brown, chocolate and lavender. The color of the extremities should be in sharp contrast to the color of the body, and the color of the body should be lighter than that of the extremities. The eye color should be blue. There are inverted V-shaped markings on the forehead and white markings on the claws. The ideal state of gloves should be four uniform. Nose should be white, without any coloring, and bright or polychromatic.