Healthy diet for growth of Siamese kittens

       During the growth of Siamese kittens, diet is very important. Reasonable nutrition can make Siamese cats less sick, but not too fat. Siamese kittens are not the fatter the better. Keeping a reasonable proportion of Siamese kittens is another standard of healthy diet.

       1¡¢ The birth of Siamese kittens

       It is very important for newborn Siamese cats to eat colostrum as soon as possible! Because the body can not produce antibodies after birth, the antibodies of female cats can be secreted through colostrum, and the intestinal tract of newborn cats can easily absorb the antibodies in colostrum, so as to obtain passive immunity, which is very important to protect the health of young cats. It is better to lactate within 24 hours after birth. If the time is prolonged, the absorption rate of antibody in the intestines of young cats will decrease.

       The owner had better fix the weak Siamese kittens on the nipples with more milk, or take turns suckling, let the weak eat first, so as to make the whole litter of kittens grow evenly. When you open your eyes, you should avoid strong light. At the same time, keep warm for newborn Siamese cats. Especially in winter, low temperature or large temperature difference between day and night is one of the main causes of death of newborn cats. Newborn kittens always defecate in their nests. At this time, the owners should pay special attention to the hygiene in the nest, wash, change and disinfect frequently to ensure the cleanness of the litter, so as to promote the healthy growth of the kittens.

       2¡¢ Weaning of Siamese kittens

       Owners can start to feed Siamese kittens 4 to 5 weeks after their birth, so that they can prepare for weaning in the future. When the kitten reaches 7 to 8 weeks, and has the ability to live independently, it can be considered weaning. In fact, most female cats don’t need their owners to help them wean their kittens, because the instinct of animals will make them wean their kittens automatically. That is to say, at a certain time, Siamese cats will refuse to breast feed their kittens and press their nipples under their abdomen or drive away the kittens who want to eat milk. But there will be some special cases of female cats, they will allow the kittens to feed, even when it is time to wean the kittens. At this time, the owner will have to wean the kitten artificially, because weaning too late will not only affect the growth and development of the kitten, but also affect the health of the female cat. Therefore, it is beneficial to the health of Siamese kittens and female cats to seize the opportunity and wean them at the right time. Artificial weaning can adopt the method of mother and child isolation.

       In order to reduce the pressure of weaning cats, we can reduce the pressure of weaning cats. In other words, on the first day after weaning, the kitten was not fed to the female cat, the second day was fed with 1 / 4 of the normal diet, and the third day was changed to 1 / 2 of the normal diet until the fifth day when the normal feeding amount was restored.

       3¡¢ Watershed for growth of Siamese kittens

       1. The rapid growth period of Siamese kittens: 2 months to 6 months

       After weaning, the kittens enter the rapid growth period, which lasts until the kittens reach the age of 6 months. During this period, kittens need high-quality food with balanced nutrition and high protein and calories to supply various nutrients and energy needed for rapid growth. In terms of the energy required per unit weight, fast-growing kittens need twice as much energy as adult cats; however, they have small mouths, small teeth and small stomachs, so they can’t eat and digest enough food in one meal. Therefore, from weaning to six months old, kittens must eat at least three meals a day. Because kittens need a lot of nutrition and heat energy, they must eat high-quality Kitten Food with special formula. This kind of high-quality Kitten Food is characterized by meat as the main raw material, and it is very easy to digest and contains a lot of nutrients, which can meet the special nutritional needs of young cats.

       2. Rapid maturation period of Siamese kittens: from 6 months to 12 months

       When the young cats reach the size similar to adult cats after rapid growth period, their nutritional requirements are different. Cats aged six months or older begin to slow down and have a slight decrease in activity. At this time, they eat more food per meal, so they can reduce the number of meals per day. Although Siamese cats are very similar to adult cats, they still grow up. Many cat owners will give their cats different foods when they reach sexual maturity; in fact, cats like to eat high-quality dry cat food; at this time, we can add a little nutritious canned cat food to the dry cat food to meet their different nutritional requirements due to their slow growth.

       3. Siamese kittens after 12 months of age: from Kitten Food to cat food

       When Siamese cats reach one year old, they need to eat adult cat food specially formulated for adult cats; adult cats no longer need a lot of heat and nutrients provided by Kitten Food. Remember to follow the same rule when changing pet food: change it gradually within 5-7 days. During this period of diet change, we should pay special attention to monitor the body weight and adjust the feeding amount according to the weight of the cat at any time. Most Siamese cats eat a certain amount of food according to their own heat requirements, so they can be fed by any method. However, if the cat only moves indoors, it may cause overweight due to the small amount of activity; therefore, the method of quantitative feeding twice a day can be adopted to avoid the Siamese cat being too fat.

       In the growing process of Siamese kittens, there is an important problem of adoption. Some Siamese kittens were adopted when they were very young. Sometimes it is difficult to feed Siamese kittens before they are weaned. Therefore, to purchase or adopt Siamese kittens, it is most appropriate to choose weaned kittens as far as possible and to eat some Kitten Food directly.