Let the kitten sleep safely

       Many people will think that kittens sleep every day, whether they are sick or not, so they always go to check and make sure that cats are a thorough “sleeping God” no matter when they are young. Especially when cats are small, for the sake of their health, as masters, we should not always disturb them.

       The healthy growth of young cats should be the most concerned by their owners. Usually, the host will take care of the food and care, but some other things may be ignored. Sleep is also very important.

       Sleep is very important for kittens, it is necessary to ensure adequate sleep time for kittens. Only enough sleep can make the kitten secrete enough hormones to ensure its normal growth and development.

       The sleep of kittens can be divided into light sleep, deep sleep and rapid eye movement sleep (when the kitten is dreaming). About 20-25% of kittens sleep in dreams.

       From about 1 month old, the sleeping habits of the kittens gradually become mature. They sleep 13 to 16 hours a day on average, but they will be completed in several times. For light sleep, the kitten just dozes off and is very alert to any small sounds around. After light sleep, they often go into deep sleep, when the kitten can get real relaxation and rest. For the healthy growth of the kitten, let it sleep to its heart’s content!

       It is better not to wake up the kitten in deep sleep to avoid affecting its growth and development. If there are children at home, be sure to tell the children not to play with the kitten while they are sleeping.