How to train kittens not to scratch

       It’s the nature of cats, but it’s not good to scratch furniture. So, what’s the way to train kittens not to scratch?

       Scratching is a normal behavior of kittens. But if the kittens live indoors, their owners often don’t want them to scratch around. Scratching is sometimes accompanied by urination and can be aggravated by anxiety. Therefore, the host must correct this behavior. Behavior correction must be carried out as soon as these problems are found. The method of correction depends on the specific situation

       1. Block the kitten from entering the area it wants to destroy.

       2. Change the texture of the place (e.g. put some aluminum foil).

       3. Change the function of the problem area by putting food in it.

       4. Give some punishment (water is cheap on kittens).

       5. Use a cotton ball that has rubbed the kitten’s face, daub it in the area that is often caught, or apply some pheromone (special chemical substance).