What kind of teacup cat is?

       Following the popularity of teacup dog in the market, teacup cat also appeared in people’s vision. The teacup cat is small. Many people just like this kind of small pet. It looks cute and cute, and it’s not troublesome to raise it. Therefore, the tea cup cat just conforms to this kind of people’s aesthetic view. The hype on the Internet for tea cup cat has aroused people’s attention. Some people say that the tea cup cat is just a gimmick. In fact, there is no such cat at all, while some people take out photos and have pictures The truth makes people believe that the teacup cat exists.

       1¡¢ What kind of teacup cat is?

       Tea cup cat is not a valuable breed, and its existence has not been recognized by professional organizations. Therefore, tea cup cat is just a kind of cat with small body size due to genetic defects, which is mined out and sold as a teacup cat. Most of the teacup cats in China are the gimmicks of cat sellers. The young cats are used as tea cup cats. The publicity says that the teacup cats are not big, and the adult size is a little bigger than the juveniles. However, if they are really bought back, they are likely to be ordinary domestic cats. It’s a pity that the cat with teacup body can be found in some breeding institutions abroad. It’s a pity that it’s not a cat breed. It’s just bred by taking advantage of the cat’s genetic defects. Moreover, the health of the teacup cat is not very good, and generally speaking, it won’t live long. Therefore, even if it can be bought at a high price, it is not recommended to raise tea cups Cats.

       2¡¢ A picture of the teacup cat “Peters”

       It may be the most famous cat with small body. It is also advertised on some websites. We can usually see a picture of a cat sitting on a spoon with a pile of strawberries under it. However, he looks as big as strawberries. The PS in this photo is too obvious. Moreover, the official data says that his weight is about 3 pounds, and that of three pounds is about 1.36 kg Cats, weighing about 1.36kg, are unlikely to be the same size as strawberries, so the photos circulated on the Internet by Peters are likely to be inaccurate.

       As for the photos of cats in cups circulated on the Internet, although they are real, a large part of them are kittens, and the kittens themselves are not big enough. It is normal to take such cute photos.

       3¡¢ Introduction of smaller cats

       Since we can’t find a teacup cat and like small cats very much, we can choose some small cat breeds to raise. The adult weight of these small cats is only about 2.5kg, which is only a little larger than that of Pittsburgh. Moreover, these cat breeds are true corpuscles and do not have genetic defects, which is beneficial to the health of cats. Singapore cat is one of the small cats. If you are interested, you can learn more about it.