Long hair cat care methods, how to give long hair cat bath and care

       How to take a bath for a long haired cat is a topic of concern to all of us. So, what are the suggestions for cat care? Here are the choices given by PET cat.com

       Cat’s paw is a tool for cat to catch mice, climb and defend itself. If the owner keeps a cat to catch mice, of course, he can’t trim his feet.

       If the owner keeps a cat as a companion animal, he should often trim the cat’s paws to avoid scratching people, damaging clothes, furniture, floors, etc. Trim the feet once a month from a young age. The specific method is as follows: hold the long haired cat in your arms, hold one of the cat’s feet with your left hand, squeeze a little with your thumb, index finger, and middle finger, then you can stretch out the claws. Then hold the nail knife with the right hand, carefully cut off the transparent part of the front end of the claw, and then use the small file on the nail knife to polish the claw. When pruning, don’t cut too much to avoid hurting the cat’s feet. Then cut and polish the other claws in turn.

       Bathing a long haired cat can not only keep the cat clean and beautiful, but also remove some parasites on the body surface, promote blood circulation and metabolism, and play a role in disease prevention and fitness. It’s better to cultivate the habit of bathing from an early age, and then to bathe cats when they are adults. Cats will be very reluctant.

       Before taking a bath, you should prepare the utensils for bathing, such as bathtub, bath towel, detergent, comb (preferably one is sparse and the other is dense), brush, etc.

       When bathing, the water temperature should not be too low or too high, so as not to scald the hands; the detergent used should not be too irritating, so as not to irritate the skin; the long haired cat should comb the fur before bathing to prevent tangle; the action of bathing should be quick, as soon as possible after washing, the hair should be wiped with bath towel immediately, when the temperature is low, it is best to cover with special wool Napkins or other warm products to prevent colds.

       Fur cat’s tongue surface is rough, has a special tongue nipple with barbed, like a comb, long hair cat often use the method of tongue licking to comb the fur. The parts that can’t be licked, such as head, shoulder, back and neck, should be combed with claws. Even so, it’s best to groom the cat once a day. Because the cat will depilate all the year round, especially in spring and autumn, when the cat combs, it will swallow the hair into the stomach and form a hair ball in the stomach over time. If it can’t be vomited out, and can’t be discharged through the intestinal tract in time, it will form the hair ball blocking, affecting appetite and even life-threatening.

       When carding, carding should be done not only along the hair, but also against the wool. When carding, the long haired cat can wet the hair with water first, and then rub it to make the hair tree up and easy to comb. If the long hairs are tangled or stuck together, they can be opened with finger tips or combed slowly and carefully with a thin toothed comb. If the felt has been rolled, you can use scissors to cut the felt into thin strips along the growth direction of the wool, and then comb it with a comb. If the rolling felt is serious, the wool can be cut off to make it grow again.

       The eyes of healthy long haired cats are bright and vivid. When the cats are sick or in poor health, they are afraid of seeing light and tears. Some cat species, the nasolacrimal duct is easy to block and tear. Cat tears too much, in the nasal corner of the eye is often accompanied with eye droppings, can be dipped in cotton wool 2% boric acid solution, gently wipe off.

       Long hair cat ear care, mainly to remove the wax. The method is: disinfect the external auditory canal with 75% alcohol cotton ball, dip olive oil or edible vegetable oil with cotton stick, soak the dry earwax, and take out the earwax carefully with tweezers after it softens. Do not break the mucous membrane of ear canal to prevent infection and suppuration. Once the cat’s external auditory canal is infected and suppurated, it can be gently scrubbed with cotton stick dipped in hydrogen peroxide, and repeatedly scrubbed until there is no pus on the extracted cotton stick, and then the hydrogen peroxide in the ear canal will be dried with absorbent cotton. Scrub several times, the infection can be cured. If the cat’s earwax is too much and the cat shakes its head to scratch its ear, it should be treated by a veterinarian in time.

Brief introduction to the breed of ragged cat

       Ragamuffin is a large, robust and docile cat. Origin: the United States, hair is short hair, growth period as long as four to five years, first appeared in 1994. The average size of female cat is 4.5-6.8kg, and that of male cat is 6.8-12.7kg. This cat is an extended breed of puppet. It has the color of coat and strong body. So far, no genetic diseases and genetic defects have been found.

       Ragged cat has all coat colors and styles, with pertinence and pertinence to register by CFA, but does not show the white color. These are eye-catching cat colors that are blue, brown, plain with white, tortoise shell or mink. The composure and patience of ragged cats make their owners particularly pampered, and young people and they may easily be found attending tea parties or taking a seat in a pram. As long as they are noticed and interested, their easygoing personality enables them to adapt to almost any environment or situation.

       When you read a book or watch TV, the ragged cat may tend to accompany you quietly and cleverly at your knees or legs. However, these are not lazy cats. Please take out their toys and play with it, and you will find that they are ready at any time. The exact development and early history of ragged cat farming are covered. The full story will always remain mysterious. The ragged cat was accepted into the hybrid CFA in February 2003.

       The ragged cat has a sweet personality, which is very similar to a cute dog. It will follow the owner from room to room. It is your faithful partner. Its wonderful personality is extremely suitable for being a family pet. The ragged cat is not only very clingy to its owner, but also quite adaptable to the environment. It is not afraid of unfamiliar environment and full of curiosity about things. The ragged cat is gentle and friendly to the same kind and children. It is suitable to be a family companion pet.

How to buy Shandong lion cat

       Lion cat, lion cat, is full of long hair, big head and short ears. It is named for its long neck hair and its shape is like a lion. Because it is a long haired cat, it is easy to suffer from gastrointestinal diseases. Moreover, its reproductive capacity is not high, and its quantity is small and sparse. Therefore, it is particularly important to select healthy and purebred lions and cats.

       1. Variety

       The main classification basis of Shandong lion cat is coat color. It can be roughly divided into the following four types:

       1. White lion cat

       The coat color is pure white. Its eyes can be divided into Mandarin Duck eyes (i.e. one yellow eye and one blue eye) or two blue eyes. There are three kinds of double yellow eyes, among which mandarin duck eyes are the most precious.

       It’s a black lion cat

       Its shape is like a white lion cat, but its body is slightly long, with yellow eyes. Except for the white shoulders and gray abdominal hair, it is also regarded as a treasure because of its small number.

       3. Whip Hydrangea

       Its shape is like a white lion cat. There are black spots on the forehead, and the tail is black, long and sharp, which can be swung to the head, so it is called “whip Hydrangea”.

       4. Huashimao

       Some of the dorsal hairs are grayish brown with tiger spots; some are white with black and yellow flower spots. According to cat owners, this breed is the offspring of a cross between white lion cat and common cat.

       2. Naming principles

       1. The lion cat with white body and black tail is called “iron gun dragging jade bottle” or “snow dragging gun”.

       2. The lion cat with white body and black tail and black forehead is called “hanging printing gun”.

       3. The lion cat with white body and black tail and black back is called “negative seal drag gun”.

       4. The lion cat with black body and white tail is called “silver gun dragging iron bottle”.

       5. The lion cat with black back and white belly is called “black cloud covered with snow”.

       6. The lion cat with black cat and white paw is called “searching for plum blossom in snow”.

       7. There is a different color in the middle of the head and neck, and the tail tip is the same color as the head spot.

       8. The lion cat with red back and white belly, mandarin duck eyes, red nose and red feet is called Hongyun gaiding.

       9. White lion cat with black spots on its head is called Wusha.

       3. Shape features

       Linqing lion cat, also known as Shandong lion cat, is mainly produced in Linqing City, Shandong Province. There are two opinions about their origin: one is the offspring of Turkey Ankara cat, which originated in Xinjiang of China; the other is that Linqing people bred a breed similar to little lion by crossing Persian cat and Luxi cat. According to the records of Linqing county annals, lions and cats are bigger than ordinary ones, with long fur and snow white color. Mandarin duck eyes are the most expensive. The best pair is worth 100 yuan. The Hui people in North Street are rich in livestock. Cao Kejia, a famous cat painting expert, once said: “there are no animals with different eyes in the world. Only Linqing, Shandong Province, has different eyes.”

       Shandong lion cat has a big head, short ears, and long hair. The hair on the neck and back can be as long as 4-5cm, which is why it got the name. According to the coat color, it can be divided into white lion cat, black lion cat, whipped Hydrangea and flower lion cat. The eye color of Shandong lion cat can be divided into blue eye, yellow eye and mandarin duck eye.

       The snow-white lion cat with mandarin duck eyes is the most precious in this breed. Generally, adult cats give birth to one or two births a year, with two to three cubs per fetus. The breeding period is 3 to 4 years. Shandong lion cat is good at jumping, agile, alert and clean. It is easy to have fear of strong light and various stimuli.

       The pure Shandong lion cat has long white hair with 4-5cm long hair on its neck and back. It stands like a lion. There are also varieties of black and white hair color, but pure white is more precious. Shandong lion cat has strong body, strong disease resistance, cold tolerance and good at catching mice. They are gentle and gentle, do not like strangers, and have strong dependence on their owners. Among them, the longhaired lion cats in Linqing City, Shandong Province, are the most valuable. In addition to covering their bodies with thick snow-white fur, some of them also have yellow and blue mandarin duck eyes (also known as Yin-Yang eyes), and are endowed with magical superstitious legends. It is said that keeping this kind of cat at home can ward off evil spirits and bring good luck to the family.

       4. Variety identification

       The biggest difference between Shandong lion cat and Persian cat lies in facial shape. Linqing cat’s face bone is similar to that of general domestic cat, and its eyes are not as round and big as Persian cat, nose is still high, and frontal bone is not obvious; besides, ear root is high and ear body is large, after hair changing, most of the villi are very short, a little like semi long hair cat. Occasionally there are long hairs, but the head is still easy to distinguish. In addition, their heads, hands and feet are long and high, and their bodies are very long, but this feature will not be obvious until after they have been changed.

       When it comes to the “authentic” Persian cat, many people think it must be white. In fact, there are more than 30 recognized colors of Persian cat, such as orange, gray blue and other monochromatic colors and various color changes, three color series and some striped species similar to domestic cats. Although there are many colors, Persian cats have the same characteristics in their bones and hair: their heads are shrunk, their fur feet and tails are slightly shorter, and their bones are slightly thicker. The appearance of Persian cat’s hands and feet seem to be very strong, in fact, because the long hair of their feet is erect, not like some books said “feet are particularly rough.”.

       The most special thing about the Persian cat is that it doesn’t look like a cat’s face. Otherwise, many people in Beijing think it is “poor”. The Persian cat needs to “hum its mouth and nose” to be top-grade. At least it needs a short nose and round eyes. The distance between the eyes is very wide. The ears are small and round, and the distance is wide. The fur on the face is much more than that of Linqing cat After adulthood, even after changing hair, the body hair is still very soft, and the whole body has very thick undercoat. As an adult, it looks like a doll, and its “feel” is absolutely good. The nose is small, the forehead is high and the frontal segment is low, which is very different from Linqing cat.

       Persian cat is a big cake face (flat face, nose is very flat), Linqing is the face of ordinary domestic cat, with a short kiss (that is, mouth protruding)

Methods of feeding and daily nursing for long haired cats

       Picture of long haired cat

       1. Feeding: the change of exercise amount will change the digestion and absorption capacity of the intestine, as well as the filtration and detoxification functions of liver and kidney

       We should pay more attention to the hardness of the food suitable for cats, add calcium, iron, vitamins and other trace elements appropriately, and change the food with different tastes. Note: do not eat food that is not easy to digest and ensure water supply.

       2. Brushing teeth: if possible, brush your favorite teeth to reduce bacterial invasion caused by gingival inflammation.

       3. Eye care: often use wet cotton to remove excess mucus and clean the skin around the eyes.

       Regular examination of inner ear canal.

       5. Joint care: joint pain is a common disease of elderly pets. If it can’t exercise regularly, you can gently massage muscles or move limbs and joints for it when it is resting.