Is it better to have a male cat or a female cat

       Before choosing to raise cats, many people want to know whether it is better to have a male cat or a female cat. In fact, both male and female cats can get along well with people. Let’s take a look at the differences between male and female cats.

       The female cat is gentle, intelligent, understanding and affectionate. She is willing to be intimate with her owner. In addition to loud and unpleasant calls during mating, she usually lives a normal and quiet life. Male cats are very curious and adventurous. They are aggressive. They like to stroll outdoors at night and love playing with others. However, they sometimes play recklessly. They often attack, bite or scratch other cats or people when they are out of control. In order to master the territory, they often urinate in the corner of the house. Sometimes they don’t return home after going out for a few days. So a lot of people prefer to have female cats.

       Of course, many people think it’s good to keep a male cat, because the male cat is strong, powerful and lovely, easy to train and not easy to get sick. In order to reduce the trouble, it can be castrated in 6 or 7 months, the castrated male cat will become quiet and tame, and can change the bad habit of urinating in estrus.