Care and health care of cats

       The cat that always gives people a clean feeling, don’t neglect the daily care and health care just because the cat looks clean! Today, I’d like to introduce some simple methods to help cats and cats in their daily life, as well as the taboos of nursing and health care. 1. Manicure many parents only rely on the cat to sharpen their nails without helping it trim. But just like this nail will be born too long, it is easy to scratch guests and scratch furniture. What’s more terrible is that when the cat grabs at random, there may be nail fracture, which will lead to suppuration and so on. However, some parents use ordinary nail clippers to trim the cat’s nails. However, it is easy to cause the cat’s nails to be broken. If the fragments are put into the meat pad, the cat will not stop bleeding, which is very dangerous. 2. Cats who don’t take a bath and don’t have the habit of bathing hate to get wet and even struggle, so many parents give up the work of helping cats to take a bath. But if the cat doesn’t take a bath for a long time, the accumulation of dirt will cover up the cat’s real fur color, making the cat like a stray cat on the street. 3. It’s good to help cats dye and beautify cats. However, some cat parents dye their cats for fun, which is more harmful than beneficial. Small knitting is not encouraged to help cat dyeing, because the hair dye on the cat a lot of harm, and even cancer. 4. Although the cat is protected by a thick layer of fur, attention should be paid to the use of the hair dryer. Careless use of the hair dryer may cause scald to the cat, and the loud hair dryer may also frighten the cat. 5, bathing does not pay attention to the water temperature, of course moderate, too high or too low are not good, do not rub the bubble in the bath do not pay attention to the eyes, cats eyes are very sensitive.

Tips for cats to cut their nails voluntarily

       For many owners, it’s a painful thing to cut the cat’s nails. Maybe if the nails are not cut, it’s possible that they have a few more red tracks on their hands. So how to make the cat get used to cutting their nails regularly? You need to get used to it from a young age. If you don’t dodge when you slap its paws, you’ve already made the first step. Today, I’d like to tell you how to make cats get used to cutting their nails.

       1. Make cats feel comfortable. Basically, all cats don’t like to cut their nails. It’s not because they feel pain. So before you cut your nails for your cat, you’d better choose a more comfortable place. Put the cat on your legs or knees, touch the soles of your feet first, and then press out your claws to cut off your nails. 2. Choose a suitable nail clipper for cat. They are designed to cut the cat’s nails at the right angle without the risk of splitting or chipping. These nail clippers are designed to look like scissors or ring cutters. The best nail clippers have a very sharp blade and a comfortable handle. 3. Hold the claw, press it gently with your finger and press the nail out of its claw with your thumb. Use your other hand to trim your nails. Don’t forget to cut the “thumb” on the inside of the front leg. Also don’t forget that cats have many toes, which are called “multi toes” and need to be trimmed. Some cats have seven toes on each foot. As long as the tip of the nail, generally white, to avoid cutting to pink live meat, or it will bleed. If you cut too much, stop bleeding with a styptic pen or cornstarch, or rake soap with its claws. 4. Let your cat have a good feeling for nail cutting. Do it quickly. If your cat is already irritable, let it go, even if it has only one or two claws. You can continue later. Reward him by playing with him or giving him special care, so that he will have a good association with cutting his nails. Always trim your cat’s nails before taking a bath.