Does blood have a great effect on mother and son of chinchilla

       Many people still don’t know what blood matching is. Blood matching refers to that the female chinchilla will continue to be in estrus after childbirth, and ovulation will occur once within 24 hours. At this time, if the male chinchilla copulates with it, it is called “blood matching”.

       Although the success rate of blood matching is very high, it is usually only used to increase the breeding yield in the breeding farm. It is not recommended to keep a Pet Chinchilla at home.

       Just imagine that when the female chinchilla had just given birth to a baby chinchilla, she was a weak woman, and she was forced to mate by the male and became pregnant again. Originally, the female chinchilla had to supplement a lot of nutrition during the lactation period to supply the kitten and her weak body. Now she has a new BB in her stomach, which not only reduces the quality of milk, but also lacks the nutrition for the newly pregnant kitten.

       Such blood matching, so that the female chinchilla pregnancy, not only harmful to the mother’s health, but also to the lactation of the newborn and new pregnant fetus body affected, quality decline. In severe cases, it is easy to cause female chinchilla to be paralyzed or have no milk due to lack of nutrition, and sometimes the next fetus will have stillbirth or abortion.

       Therefore, in order to avoid the occurrence of blood matching, it is strongly recommended that when the female chinchilla is pregnant, or before the expected delivery period, the male and female should be separated. It is better to prepare a child female cage for the pregnant female dragon, so that the female chinchilla can spend the pregnancy and lactation stage here, and do not have a fluke mind!