Treatment and experience of foreign body in stomach

       Gastric foreign body usually refers to the cat food outside the food, it can not be digested by gastric juice, and is not easy to vomit or defecate out of the body, so as to stay in the stomach, resulting in digestive dysfunction caused by the disease. This disease is more common in pet clinic. The clinical symptoms were different due to the size and nature of foreign bodies in the stomach. When the foreign body in the stomach is small, there is no obvious symptom at ordinary times, but when eating solid food, it can show periodic vomiting or retching, and progressive emaciation occurs in cats. When the foreign body in the stomach is large and hard, it presents gastritis symptoms, vomiting and abdominal pain. When the foreign body in the stomach is a sharp object, it can cause gastric mucosa damage or even perforation, cause peritonitis, or stab liver and other organs, resulting in secondary injury. In this paper, through an operation of a cat eating stitches by mistake, we are reminded to take good care of the pets at home.

       Case 1. Symptoms: cat, male, 2 years old, weighing 5 kg. The chief complaint is that the sick cat has recently been depressed, abnormal in behavior, bent over, unwilling to walk, vomiting, loss of appetite, and sometimes make painful groans. Palpation of the abdomen under the rib arch is very sensitive and painful. It is suspected that foreign bodies were ingested into the stomach.

       2. Diagnosis: X-ray examination showed needle like substance at the bottom of stomach. According to the incidence, clinical examination and X-ray photos, it was diagnosed as gastric foreign body. In order to prevent gastric bleeding and gastric perforation, gastrotomy was performed.

       3. Surgical treatment: after general anesthesia, the sick cat was supine Baoding. After hair removal and disinfection, the skin, subcutaneous tissue, abdominal white line and peritoneum were cut in turn, and falcate ligament was removed. Open the abdominal cavity. Sterile gauze soaked in normal saline was used to isolate abdominal incision. When the surgeon reaches into the abdominal cavity to lead the stomach out of the incision, he can feel the existence of the suture needle by touching the stomach at this time. Because of the timely discovery, the suture needle has not punctured the gastric wall. At this time, the suture needle can be taken out by directly puncturing the gastric wall with the suture needle, so as to avoid the trouble of cutting the gastric wall. Then the wound of gastric tissue was washed and returned to the abdominal cavity. A little penicillin was sprinkled into the abdominal cavity to suture the abdominal wall wound. The peritoneum and rectus abdominis were sutured continuously, and the skin was sutured with nodules. Then apply tincture of iodine to the operation part, tie the knot and tie the bandage.

       4. Postoperative nursing: Fasting for 24 hours after operation, intravenous supplement of nutrients and maintenance of water and electrolyte balance. Local application of iodine tincture, and intramuscular injection of penicillin 400000 IU, twice a day, for 5 days. After 2 days, they were given digestible liquid food (rice soup, milk, soybean milk, etc.) and gradually returned to normal diet. On the 7th day, the wound healed and the sick cat recovered completely.

       Second, causes and prevention of stomach foreign body is a common disease in cats, such as sewing needles and other articles, too thin, once swallowed, it is easy to penetrate the stomach wall, and then cause great harm to the liver, gallbladder, and even the heart and lung. No other injuries were caused due to the timely detection of the disease, which also reminds the owners that pets should be treated in time if there is any abnormality. Cats, especially young cats, often swallow foreign bodies, such as rubber balls, thread balls, bones, fishhooks, small toys, small glass balls, stones and other foreign bodies, which can cause the disease. Cats, especially long haired cats, when combing their fur with their tongue, tend to swallow the shedding hair into the stomach, which will form hair clusters in the stomach over time and cause the disease. In addition, cats lack of certain vitamins or trace elements, will occur heterophilia, often eat foreign bodies and cause the disease. In order to prevent the occurrence of this disease, we should provide the cat with balanced nutrition, meet its demand for trace elements and minerals, and prevent the occurrence of heterophilia. Secondly, when feeding, prevent the cat from being frightened, and the size of food and playthings should be appropriate. Should also maintain the long hair cat nest in the health, timely removal of fallen fur.

       3. Other treatment methods: operation is the most effective and quick method to treat the disease. When a small metallic foreign body like a suture needle enters the gastrointestinal tract, there is no need to cut the gastrointestinal tract. The foreign body can be taken out after the foreign body is punctured from the gastrointestinal tube wall. This can greatly reduce the injury to gastrointestinal surgery. For other gastric foreign bodies, according to the situation, the following two methods can be adopted: (1) emetic method: when the foreign body in the stomach is small and smooth, it can be used. Apomorphine, 0.04 mg / kg body weight, intravenous injection, or 0.08 mg / kg body weight, subcutaneous or intramuscular injection; (2) cathartic method: liquid paraffin or vegetable oil 3-5 ml by gavage, and methylcellulose or agar compound, can discharge small foreign bodies and hair balls and other foreign bodies; feeding with small meat pieces or leeks, this can often excrete small and sharp foreign bodies in the stomach with feces.