Is diet really reliable?

       Weight loss is a major event for modern people. In recent years, cat weight loss is also a more urgent matter. Cat obesity is not one case or two cases. In order to help cats lose weight, some businesses even launched weight loss cat food. Diet cat food has changed the original formula of cat food, reduced the content of some meat and added a lot of vegetables. Is this diet really reliable? Does a cat really lose weight after eating it?

       1¡¢ Causes and effects of obesity in cats

       Human obesity will bring great inconvenience to our life and cause many diseases. The obesity of cats is also a disaster, not a blessing, for cats. There are many reasons for obesity. For example, the reason why the dog is afraid of running out of the house is that he is afraid of too much exercise, too little exercise in the corner, too little exercise in the daytime, and so on. Obesity will also lead to many diseases: 1. Diabetes: diabetes mellitus is a rare congenital disease, most of them are caused by obesity insulin secretion disorders, leading to diabetes. 2. Heart disease: cause some cardiopulmonary dysfunction, form respiratory system problems, cough frequently in the morning and evening, severe pulmonary edema and death. 3. Bone and joint lesions: it makes the animal difficult to walk, causing trouble in action. And the precursor of the disease is originally fat, but recently began to inexplicably thin down, this is the warning of the disease, need to go to the hospital for physical examination. If the cat is too fat, it needs to lose weight.

       2¡¢ Is diet diet reliable?

       There are many kinds of cat food now. There are many brands of cat food for obese cats. This kind of cat food is characterized by less fat and protein, but more crude fiber. Eating this kind of cat food can avoid the accumulation of excessive nutrients in the body. The advertisements for diet cats all seem to give people the feeling that the formula is very professional, and usually it has a certain effect, but the way it works is not so much the change of food formula, but more because: the particles are big and coarse ¡ú it is hard to eat ¡ú I am tired after eating a few mouthfuls ¡ú I eat less ¡ú I am hungry and thin. It’s a bit like the so-called “negative calorie food” that is, eating consumes more calories than eating it (of course, negative calorie food is a pseudo concept, I’m just giving an example.) For example, a brand of diet cat food, the particles are much larger than the ordinary indoor cat food, which directly causes the petite cats to have difficulty in eating. Each cat food has to be chewed over and over for a long time, so they eat less and less, and soon they are obviously thinner.

       3¡¢ Cats should pay attention to exercise to lose weight

       To help cats lose weight, in addition to diet control, it is also essential to arrange proper exercise for cats. Especially for cats with slow metabolism, such as older, sterilized cats, and cats that have been kept indoors, the living environment restricts their activities. These cats need specific activities arranged by their owners to maintain healthy body shape. Exercise is always the best way to lose weight. Obesity is due to the body’s excess heat and fat can not be consumed, resulting in hoarding, which makes cats fat. Every day to ensure that the cat enough exercise, the body’s heat and fat consumption, you can make the cat successfully lose weight. Exercise can not only help cats lose weight, but also a way to strengthen their bodies. The cat’s body is strong, only then has the stronger resistance, lets the cat away from the disturbance of the disease.

       It’s a good idea to play with your cat often. If you want to go further, it’s also a good idea to take your cat around the room with a tow rope or run up the stairs several times. Using the cat’s curiosity nature, design some small games, such as throwing the tennis ball down the stairs, and letting the cat run up and down with the tennis ball can also achieve the effect of sports. With the simplified diet menu, the effect is good.

       Controlling the cat’s diet is more healthy than eating diet cat food. Sometimes cats are just greedy, not because they are hungry. In this case, a large number of feeding will only lead to excessive nutrition and fat accumulation. Diet for cats is not the best way to lose weight, but it can also be tried by owners.