Precautions for keeping cats in the family

       Many people think that it is very safe to keep cats at home. It is true that in hot weather, air conditioning can be used to cool the cat, and a blanket can be covered for it when it is cold. There are various kinds of cat food at home for the cat. It can be said that all aspects can be taken good care of. However, life is full of unknowns, and cats are not comfortable at home. There are many potential dangers that will affect the health of cats Damage, or some of our bad behavior on the cat, so we should pay attention to and take precautions in peacetime.

       We should pay attention to the threat of wires in the home, to ensure that there are no exposed wires in the home. It is better to cut off the power supply when the host goes out and sleeps. If you need to leave the dog at home alone, you should keep it in a room without wires to prevent the dog from gnawing the wire when it is bored.

       There is also the need to pay attention to the rope and string at home, kittens and puppies are particularly vulnerable to rope and string attraction, and mistakenly think it is a toy. If swallowed carelessly, it will block the intestinal tract, and heavy may lead to suffocation. Usually they are playing with curtain ropes and blinds, and they may be entangled, or they may be injured or strangled. Therefore, it is best to clean up the rope and thread at home. Sewing needle and thread must be stored in the storage cabinet or drawer. Curtain cord must be knotted or shortened to prevent pets from pulling at will.

       The balcony and window of home, the city is mostly high-rise building, the window has the potential danger to the pet. In addition to the windows, most of the balcony design only considers the safety of people, many gaps have the risk of pet falling into the building. Therefore, it is necessary to heighten the fence of balcony and window, and the gap that is too wide should be enclosed with wire mesh. Try to avoid placing chairs or wooden boxes in front of windows and balconies that cannot be enclosed. Remember to close windows and balcony doors when you go out. Install fine wire sand net on the door anti-theft net, and install sand net on the glass window. If the balcony is allowed to be closed, please close it. The closed window also uses fine wire sand net. If the balcony is not allowed to be closed, please install fine wire mesh on the balcony railing.

       In daily life, cats hate to be scared, water bottles, clapping loudly or other sudden noises. These noises often frighten the cat, and then they will make trouble and other destructive behaviors.

       Many cat parents often boast that my cat is so smart that it will stand up straight to pick up food. He also said that when he ate with people, he would sit in a chair and so on.

       This is not a good phenomenon. Soon, cats will always come to ask for food instead of their own cat food, and they will become more and more picky. They even ignore the full number of guests. Like a wild cat who has not been disciplined, they jump on the table without authorization and look for something they like to eat. They make a mess of themselves and make their owners lose face.

       Therefore, it is better for parents to keep the atmosphere at home peaceful, and occasionally drill into the wall, move furniture and so on, which will make a loud noise, so as to arrange the cat first, so as to avoid the cat being frightened.

       At ordinary times, we should not over indulge the cat. We should plan the cat’s eating utensils and dining places. We must separate them from the dining table at home and form a relatively independent space. Moreover, since childhood, we should teach cats how to eat regularly, regularly and quantitatively.

       In addition, children’s toys can’t be played by cats at will. For example, Lego games like combination toys may not be suitable for them. Some are too small, some have sharp edges, and some may be bitten. It will be troublesome to swallow them carelessly.

       In terms of feeding, we should pay special attention to not feeding milk to kittens. The 8-week-old kitten can live independently, and he can eat cat food by himself. It is best not to give the kitten to drink milk, cat milk and milk ingredients are not the same, some cats have no digestive enzymes that can digest milk, eating milk will cause diarrhea. It is suggested that he only be given cat food for kittens.

       Pay attention to the cat’s character and habits, is very conducive to the growth of cats. I hope that the parents of cats will stay away from these restricted areas, so that the cat’s life will be more happy.

Cat lovers often make ten mistakes

       The adoption of the first cat is a big step, which should not be underestimated. Although cats are famous for taking care of themselves, the fact is not “no need for care.”. Before rushing into the window of a pet store (which is a mistake in itself), take the time, dear kitten, to do your homework so that the new owner of the cat can avoid making these common mistakes in the first place.

       In advance, experienced cat owners can avoid mistakes. The result is a happy and healthy cat that accompanies another creature for a long time without even dreaming about it.

       1. Hasty adoption

       If you buy a new wallet or a new T-shirt on impulse, you can return it if you find it’s the wrong color or doesn’t fit. No harm, no fouls, of course, the purse can not be rejected. But adopting a living object, an intelligent creature, such as a cat, and becoming a member of the family, is totally different. The adoption of a cat should be carefully considered before making a decision.

       2. Be responsible for the expenses of cat and pet shop

       Adopting a cat is almost as good as adopting a child. No responsible adoption agency will give up a precious child to a person who is not financially prepared for his or her best care. Some shelters and cat adoption groups have not done such surveys, and you should meet the basic needs of cats and prepare for emergencies.

       3. Failed sterilization

       Every day I read about people who plead for help because their cats have not been sterilized: the male’s Musk splashes all over the house or runs outside to fight with other male cats; the female cats howl with their voices during estrus; or worse, “surprised” to give birth to unwanted kittens. The problem facing the society is that the number of cats is overwhelming, only sterilization. By avoiding increased medical problems, there is no reason not to do so.

       4. Neglect necessary veterinary treatment

       Although cats can recover quickly from a minor illness, they can also die quickly if the emergency is not recognized in time. Cats need to be vaccinated and checked every year. If they are sick or injured, they absolutely need and should be cared for by a veterinarian. Don’t hesitate to choose (and hire) a good veterinarian.

       5. False economy of grain selection

       The money saved by buying cheap cat food can be spent hundreds of times on veterinary treatment. Cats are natural predators and need a good source of meat protein. They don’t need a lot of food stuffing, especially corn, which is a cheap source of protein used by many cat food manufacturers. Learn how to choose cat food and choose the best cat food you can afford. You’ll find that your cats eat less high-quality food because they don’t need to overeat to get the nutrients they need.

       6. Claw removal is not true

       Many new owners of ignorant cats have gone to claw surgery. When veterinarians ask, “do you want to claw your kitten when we sterilize it?” some veterinarians think that clawing is a “routine” surgery, while cat advocates think it’s cruel, inhumane and rarely necessary. So that you can make a wise decision.

       7. Allow the cat to walk freely outside

       Some people believe that cats should live outdoors in freedom, fresh air and plenty of sunshine, but others can also provide evidence that cats can be happy and healthy when they live completely indoors. Outdoor danger, indoor simple, these two views can not be debated. Fortunately, there are many compromises that give you and your cat the best of both worlds while keeping him safe and happy.

       8. Ignore the cat litter tray maintenance

       A cat always uses a sand pan. If it can keep it very clean, the sandpan has no fragrance or unpleasant to be destroyed by cat’s paws. Maintain the cat’s tray to ensure that you do not face any performance problems. Warning: if your cat suddenly begins to urinate outside the sand pan despite your careful maintenance, you should immediately suspect urinary tract problems, which is an urgent problem for veterinarians.

       9. Consider the attributes of a cat

       When you join the ranks of cat lovers, you will soon find that we usually treat our cats as family members rather than “pets.”. Although cats may be legally considered “property” at the end of a term in some jurisdictions. You no longer have more cats than you have one person. If you haven’t figured out the difference, your new cat will let you know how to order quickly. In fact, many cat lovers describe themselves as owned by their cats.

       10. It is not allowed to think that a cat is just a cat

       A cat is not a child and a cat is not a dog. The cat’s unique way makes them attractive animals. On the other hand, some of their characteristics may show frustration because we don’t understand their needs. Cats instinctively seek high places and sharpen their claws because they are cats, not because they are stubborn and rebellious. Our job is to adapt to these needs in an acceptable way.