How to raise Muppets

       Puppet cat is very friendly to people and has strong patience, so it is called the best playmate of children. Raising a puppet cat requires patience and love. 1. Fully equipped puppet cats are suitable for indoor breeding. Therefore, it is better to have complete equipment for raising cats at home, such as cat scratch board, cat climbing frame, etc., so that cats will not wander around. 2, more people to accompany the Muppet cat happy, the owner had better spend more time with them to play games. If you are a busy office worker, you’d better have children or old people at home, and they will spend more time with puppet cats. 3. Fur carding puppet cat is a kind of long hair cat, so daily fur carding is essential. Because Muppet cats are gentle and have less hair loss, combing their hair is a relatively simple job. 4. Pacify the mood of the Muppet cat is also sociable. It won’t be jealous like other cats. Therefore, we can keep other pets while keeping Muppet cats, but we should also pacify the mood of Muppet cats. 5. Be patient with Muppets. Cats like to be intimate with people. They are willing to follow you from room to room and lie down on you to sleep. Therefore, the cat owner must be patient with them and let them be at your side all the time, so that it can feel the love of its owner.