Introduction of Burmese cats

       Burmese cat originated from Myanmar. This kind of cat is not popular in France. It is popular in the world, especially in English speaking countries.

       The origin of Burmese cat

       Burmese cats originated in Myanmar. In the 16th and 17th century manuscripts unearthed from the ancient Siam capital syuthia, the cat described in this paper resembles the present-day Burmese cat. As early as the 16th century, the name rajahs, similar to today’s Burmese cats, served as wardens in Buddhist monasteries (now Myanmar). In 1930, a military doctor named jcthompson brought a Burmese / Siamese hybrid cat named Wong Mau from Myanmar to Los Angeles in the United States. The coat color of Wong Mau is dark brown, almost reddish brown, and the eyes are yellow. The cat mated with one of its offspring to produce a flock of brown pups, the first samples of Modern Burma. In 1936, Burmese cat breeds were approved by CFA. The latest TICA standard was published in 1994.

       Introduction of Burmese cats

       Cats were introduced to Burma in 1952 and first exhibited in London. It was first recognized by GCCF in 1954. Although the Burmese cat breed was not recognized until quite some time ago, it was introduced into the UK very late (late 19th century).

       Burmese cats were officially introduced into France in 1956. The standard of this variety has introduced the American version (miniature, compact, strong, round head) and the British version (slightly longer body, slightly triangular face). The dark brown coat of this breed is the only recognized coat color. Later, blue was introduced in 1955, chocolate and lavender were introduced in 1959, and various hawksbill colors were introduced into the variety in the 1970s. In 1981, the Bombay cat breed was bred by crossing the Burmese cat with the American cat. There were also other hybrids such as Myanmar silver grey cat (Persian cat / Burmese cat), Tiffany cat (long hair Burmese cat), and tonkinese (Burmese cat / Siamese cat) in 1960s. ‘


       It’s not cheap to buy a Burmese cat, and not many of them are sold in China. The market price of a Burmese cat without bloodline is about 4000-5000.