Introduction to the life habits of Burmese cats

       Burmese cats sound sweet, but not as noisy as Siamese cats. Lively and playful, as if you can’t play enough. Many Burmese cats are able to make requests to their owners with their delicate, soft voice, and are rarely refused.

       Burmese cats are very friendly to people and can get along well with their dogs. Most Burmese cats can get used to going out by car if they have a pleasant travel experience when they are young. Burmese cats are very dependent on people. Their personality is quite like a dog: many Burmese cats can learn to carry things back like dogs. It’s also willing to do housework, such as helping with word work or reading (usually sitting on top of a book or manuscript), or drilling into a cardboard box (showing you how to organize things).

       Generally speaking, Burmese cats always follow people. Female cats like to be the focus of attention at home and play an active role in housekeeping. Male cats prefer the knees of their owners and are not willing to express too many opinions. Burmese cats get angry if they are ignored by their owners, but not for long. If you want to be an old man, find a cat to get along with each other day and night. It’s better to choose a lively and playful cat. It will bring endless fun to the elderly and eliminate loneliness. Or for you to solve problems, entertainment life. The Burmese cat is the best choice. Burmese cats have the ability to turn people who don’t like cats into Myanmar cat fans. Burmese cats are as addictive as potato chips. Burmese cat owners soon found it hard to have one.

       No matter which part of the Burmese cat, there is a “round” feature. From the chest to the tail, it gives people a round feeling. In particular, the face, whether viewed from the front or the side, is round, with round eyes as if to fly out. Moreover, the carcass is well-developed. Although it is of medium height, it seems to have a full weight. Still, when it comes to Burmese cats, the charm lies in their glossy fur. The short, dense hair follows closely to the body, smooth as satin. The original coat color is glossy black brown. But since the pet Association set up a light color department, champagne, blue and other colors have also been recognized. His personality is not afraid of life, like a child. As long as the owner claps his hands gently, there will be a warm reflection. There are a lot of fans in the United States. In the cat exhibition, the order of appearance is ranked after Persian cat and Siamese cat (detailed introduction), which is the third.

       Burmese cats are regarded as short haired foreign cats in the United States. The eye color of the breed should be golden or amber, although it is possible to produce blue or green eyes by crossing with Siamese cats. Purebred Burmese cats are genetically unlikely to have blue or blue-green eyes. Burmese cat’s hair has a silky luster, so you don’t need to comb it. Britain and Myanmar are smaller, but not as small as the Oriental bobcat. And Burmese cats in the United States are stronger. The life span of purebred Burmese cats is longer than that of ordinary purebred cats, which can live to 16 to 18 years old.

       Burmese cats like Siamese cats, but their calls are softer and sweeter. They love to live with people and are very close to their hosts. They are also very interested in human activities. According to CFA’s Burmese cat species data, the wild survival instincts of Burmese cats, such as avoiding danger and fighting, have degenerated over the years. However, other data show that although Burmese cats rarely attack humans, they are still capable of defending themselves against attacks by other cats, even larger enemies.

       Burmese adult cats still retain the curiosity and vitality of the kitten period. They are playful sportsmen. Sometimes they play the game of finding objects.