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       Berman cat, also known as the holy cat of Myanmar, is said to have been raised by monks in ancient Burmese temples and regarded as the patron saint cat. It was introduced into Europe in the 18th century and gradually evolved and shaped. Berman cat has a long body, and its coat is mainly light golden yellow. Its face, ears, legs, tail and other parts are dark, brown or dark gray, and its four claws are white.

       Colors are divided into seal, blue, clove, chocolate, red, cream and tortoise shell (details). All colors can be added with Bobcat pattern.

       brief introduction

       According to legend, Berman cats were first raised by Burmese monks. But in fact, Berman was first identified as a fixed breed in France and then registered in the UK. Berman cat is a medium-sized cat, with and only key color patches, strong muscles, medium length limbs, large and round feet. The head is moderately broad and round, with plump cheeks and a medium-sized nose. The eyes are almost round, the corners of the eyes are slightly hanging, sapphire color. The ears are dark, of medium size, with rounded tips. The tail is of medium length. The coat is long and thin, and not easy to adhere. The coat color of the trunk is light. The hair is wavy from chest to abdomen. There is a distinctive feature of the Berman cat’s limbs for the end of the white, known as the limbs of the snow, making it more noble. The white of the forelimbs is called gloves, and the white of the hind legs is called lace, which extends very long. Berman cats are gentle, very friendly, have a pleasant call, like company with people, and are very friendly to other cats.

       morphological character


       Berman is longer than a typical Persian cat, with a narrower face and a light golden coat on its trunk, which contrasts with the color of its face, ears, head and tail. Appearance: medium to large. The body and head are very strong, and the center of gravity is low, giving a strong feeling. The tip of the ear is slightly round. The top of the front paw is white, all the way to the back of the leg. A pair of unique sapphire eyes, four feet like snow-white gloves, and complicated life experience make Berman cat, known as “Myanmar holy cat”, exude unique temperament.


       Head: the front of the head is tilted backward and slightly convex. The cheek is muscular and round. The facial hair is short, but the outer buccal hair is long and the beard is dense.

       Ears: medium length. The ears are large and erect in front, slightly rounded at the end, with wide distance between the two ears and the distance between the two ears at the root

       It is moderate, with characteristic “V” shape on the cheek and ears, which is in harmony with the head contour. Eyes: round and big, they look like they can talk, and they are wide apart. The color of the eyes is clear blue, dark blue is more ideal than light blue.

       Nose: the bridge of the nose is high and straight, of medium length, and the tip of the nose drops slightly slowly, showing a slightly hooked nose.

       Limbs: the limbs are short and thick, with well-developed bones and strong muscles; the forelimbs are upright.

       Feet: big and round toes, big grip, short and powerful claws, white claws, like wearing a white hand cover. The part of the front toe is called a “glove” and the part of the back toe is called “laces” and extends to the joint point.

       Tail: the tail is medium in length, in coordination with the body, with dense tail hair.

       Eyes: round, big, blue and blue.


       Shawl: medium long hair, not tangled, easy to comb, long and thick hair, like silk, fine and glossy; neck long hair, but short coat of scapula; chest to lower abdomen hair slightly wavy; abdomen hair allows a small amount of curl. Body hair should be single color without stripes, but a small amount of dark color is allowed in seal color spots and blue spots. The more obvious the contrast between body hair and spots, the better. The same color is the best for the spots on the face, ears, limbs and tail, and the hair tips of the spots should not be mixed with white. The four claws should be white.

       Fur colors: seal, blue, chocolate, clove, red, cream and tortoiseshell.

       Spot: Based on the key color, with or without Bobcat pattern.

       Hair quality: the hair is glossy, long and thick, which can cover the whole body.

       Historical origin

       According to legend, Berman cat originated from Myanmar. It is said that the color of Berman cat comes from this: the patron saint of laotsum temple is a white long haired cat with golden eyes, while the temple’s noble goddess Tsun kyan KSE has dark blue eyes. The abbot of the temple was accompanied by a cat, Sinh, who died in an attack. When the host died, Sinh, a beloved cat, stepped on the host’s body and faced the noble goddess. At this time, the miracle showed that the white cat’s fur was covered with gold, its eyes turned blue, and its face, feet and tail became earth color. However, the four feet on the master’s body remained white. Sinh died seven days later and took the host’s soul to paradise.

       In modern history, a pair of Berman cats were first transported from Myanmar to France in 1919. On the way, the male cat died, leaving only the female cat and her kitten. Since then, Berman cat has not developed in Europe and was confirmed in France in 1925. However, during World War II, there were only two Berman cats left in Europe. In order to save this endangered species, breeders had to rebuild it by means of interspecific mating. Since the beginning, the general Berman cat registration must have at least five generations of purebred blood.

       Berman was confirmed in Britain in 1966, while CFA recognized it in 1967.

       An ideal Berman cat should be medium and large, strong, with long, fine fur, but not as rich as the Persian cat. Hair color should be light, like a layer of golden yellow. The key colors are the face, feet and tail, and the white glove mark with four claws is the unique feature of Berman cat. The eyes should be round and big and blue.

       The Berman cat is gentle, friendly and has a pleasant call. Docile and friendly, eager for the pet of the owner, like to play with the owner, also very friendly to other cats.

       Once they feel safe in the new environment, they will show their sweet and kind character. They like to move on the ground, but they are not keen on jumping and climbing. They also like to play, but they never ask for their owners. Love clean, very happy in a comfortable home, like to walk in the courtyard or garden when the weather is fine.