Common problems and solutions of raising cats

       There are many kinds of cats, including cute cute ones, noble ones, lively ones There is always a kind of charm you! However, many friends as a new cat, in the breeding process will encounter many unforeseen problems, distressed! Make up for everybody! ~

       Cats defecate everywhere, fight, destroy furniture, etc. are difficult problems for first-time cat owners. They need to patiently learn methods to solve them.

       1. Cats don’t eat

       Cats don’t eat, which is the most worrying problem for parents. First of all, don’t panic, don’t worry too much, find out the specific reason why cats don’t eat, and then solve the problem pertinently.

       1. If it is a kitten just claimed by its owner, it may not be used to eating food. You can ask what kind of food the owner has fed before, then feed it the previous food, and then slowly replace the food you feed it.

       2. If the cat doesn’t love the food you feed, try another food. In addition, if the food on the cat’s plate is not fresh or the leftovers are fed to the cat, it may be rejected by the cat.

       3. The cat also has emotions. It may be that the bad mood has affected the appetite. The owner should pay attention to the adjustment. Cat illness is also a reason for affecting appetite, cats do not eat, but also accompanied by a trance, physical discomfort and other conditions, the owner should timely find out the condition, timely seek medical treatment.

       Editor’s note: there are many reasons why cats don’t eat. Parents should pay more attention to observe, find out the reasons and solve the problems according to the reasons. Cats will soon eat delicious food.

       2. Cats defecate everywhere

       Cats defecate everywhere, parents can worry about how to correctly and effectively stop the cat’s behavior. We also observed and found out the cause of the cat’s defecation and defecation, and then dealt with it symptomatically.

       1. If the cat is in estrus before defecation, parents should be tolerant of it, because this is a normal physiological performance, mandatory containment of the cat is not necessary, and after the cat oestrus, this kind of random defecation behavior will gradually disappear.

       2. If the cat is a child to develop a bad habit, for this situation, parents should take mandatory measures, slowly guide the pet cat to the Cat Toilet excretion. Find out that a cat has a need to excrete. First, take the cat to the toilet and encourage it to excrete.

       3. Of course, parents should also check the cat’s bedpan regularly, clean the toilet in time, change the litter in time, remove the feces, and keep the cat’s bedpan clean, so that the cat is willing to go to the cat’s bedpan to excrete, and get rid of the bad habit of defecating everywhere.

       3. Broken furniture

       Keep a cat, but the cat is a king of destruction, always grabbing furniture, parents look heartache, do not know how to do. In fact, there is a solution for a cat to scratch furniture.

       1. When a cat grinds its claws, it is to grind off the old nails, and regularly cut the nails for the cat. This can not only reduce the destructive power of the cat grinding claws on the furniture, but also prevent the owner from being accidentally scratched by the cat when playing with the cat.

       Tools provided for cats to grind their claws, such as cat scratch board and cat climbing frame. Try to choose more natural ingredients such as natural sisal. Cats are more interested in the smell of grass and trees, which can transfer the cat’s attention from furniture to the cat’s scratch board. If the cat is not interested in the cat scratch board, appropriate amount of cat mint or Polygonum officinalis powder can be sprinkled on the cat scratch board. The cat will be attracted by the smell and use the cat scratch board.

       4. Cats hurt people

       Cats love to attack people. When they see people coming home to grab and bite, sometimes they even don’t recognize them. Cats hurt people, which is not the owner’s pleasure. How to stop cats from hurting people?

       The solution is to help the cat buy some toys, such as carpet combination for grinding claws, hanging balls, moving toy mice and so on, so that the cat can play with toys until it is tired, and naturally can’t catch people.

       In addition, you should also help cats cut their nails to avoid scratching or scratching people. In addition, if the cat is going to bite people, spray cat water with a prepared water gun or sprinkler. After several times, the cat will not dare to bite again.

       5. Cat estrus

       When estrus, the cat’s character will become irritable, like to excrete everywhere. And they prefer to sneak out of the door to find a satisfactory mate. Therefore, parents should take strict care of the cat to prevent it from cheating outside, and avoid mating with wild cats and cats with infectious diseases outdoors, so as not to affect the health of the next generation.

       When a pet cat is in estrus, parents can first of all reduce the cat’s diet, so that the cat is not so full, strengthen the cat’s activity, divert the cat’s attention. When the cat is hungry, the estrus mind will be much less, so the troubles caused by the cat’s estrus will be reduced.

       If the parents are the sterilization school, they should sterilize the cat after the second normal estrus, so as to eliminate the cat in the second estrus; if the parents support the breeding of the cat, then before the estrus, the parents should choose the opposite sex with suitable odor for the cat, and raise each other in advance, so as to ensure the quality of the cat’s offspring.

       6. Cat’s eating thread

       In clinic, there are many cases of cats eating foreign bodies, such as telephone lines and wires. Because cats are very interested in wires, any thin wires in the home must be properly arranged or packaged to avoid the cats from eating by mistake. In addition, if you can’t hide the wires well, you can apply the smell that cats hate, such as hair gel But it needs to be non-toxic!

       A cat is a kind of pet that makes people love it. If you love it, keep it well. Have you had problems raising cats? Don’t worry and don’t shrink back. Find a way to solve it effectively!