Brief introduction of Norwegian Forest Cat

       The Norwegian Forest Cat lived in the forest of Norway at the earliest time. Later, it was domesticated and began to breed. It looks like a little lion, so it has another nickname called lion cat.

       The origin of Norwegian Forest Cat

       The cat’s ancestors inhabit in Norwegian forests, is a unique cat species in Scandinavia, its origin can be traced back to ancient times, often the protagonist of Nordic stories. If it is recorded that the angel of Thor wanted to take her to heaven, but she was too big to take away. It is also said that the goddess froya often travels in a car, which is pulled by two Norwegian forest cats. However, the cat’s name “Norwegian forest” has long revealed the mystery. They have indeed lived in the forest of northern Europe since ancient times, and the green environment is perhaps their most familiar hometown. In particular, the big and daring male cat, Abri, walked slowly and calmly, looking more like a wild animal born in this grassland than a pet cat at home. Later, it was believed that the cat in the myth was Norwegian Forest cat, which was endowed with such dramatic imagination, which made them more elegant and flexible under their beautiful and imposing appearance. Since the 1930s, breeders have improved the variety and participated in an exhibition in Oslo before World War II. Since the 1970s, people’s interest in the cat has been increasing, and Norwegians have protected it as a living monument to nature. So far, it has been accepted by almost all cat shows in Europe. It was not until 1930 that it was recognized as an independent variety.

       Purchase price of Norwegian Forest Cat

       The price of Norwegian Forest Cat in Shanghai is 7000-12000 pure breed and 3000-5000 ordinary forest cat. However, there are not many in China. You can go to a large pet store or kennel to consult.