What are the sources of cat stress

       Cats are independent and have a high tolerance for pain, which makes them vulnerable to stress. Here are some common reasons why cats are stressed.

       First, the sources of stress in a cat’s life come from three sources

       1. The pressure caused by the surrounding environment:

       (1) move to a new home.

       (2) there are too many animals in the house.

       (3) excessive confinement or restriction of movement.

       (4) lack of fresh air and sunshine, especially when the cat was used to go outside.

       (5) change the cat’s daily living habits.

       2. Stress caused by cat’s physical condition:

       (1) obesity.

       (2) disease.

       (3) physical trauma.

       (4) surgical operation.

       (5) external and internal parasites such as fleas.

       3. The pressure caused by the cat’s mood:

       (1) boredom or loneliness.

       (2) a member of the family died.

       (3) fear.

       (4) competition and jealousy.

       (5) there are changes in family members, including people or animals.

       2. Cats have symptoms of stress. Cats will show that they are in a state of anxiety in some ways, such as:

       (1) lick one’s body excessively or not at all.

       (2) refuse to eat.

       (3) the act of offering to attack.

       (4) chew things that can’t be eaten, such as cloth,.

       (5) do not use litter basin.