Analysis of the reasons why cats become thinner

       Cat thin is an important warning of cat health, as the owner, it is necessary to take the cat to the hospital for a health check-up. And the following several reasons are the common reasons why cats become thin. Let’s analyze them for you.

       First of all, the cat in the estrus period, because of the “cat” mood, during this period of time will not think about food and tea, and increasingly thin. What’s more, estrous cats will pee everywhere and scream in the middle of the night to attract the opposite sex.

       Secondly, cats infected with parasites will become thinner and thinner. At this time, the cat looks in good mental state and can eat, but it is getting thinner and thinner.

       When you find that the cat is getting thinner and thinner, you should first see if it is in estrus. If not, consider that the cat may be infected with parasites. The best way to solve this problem is to help the cat expel insects.

       To expel parasites in the cat, you should give it an anthelmintic. At the same time, in order to better protect the health of the cat and its family, when the cat is young, it should be regularly deworming. For example, it is best to expel insects once a season before a cat is 1 year old, and once every half a year after a cat is 1 year old. And those anthelmintic drugs should go to the professional pet hospital or other regular channels to buy Oh.

       Cat estrus is a normal physiological reaction, and the changes in cats during this period are also normal. Unless the cat is sterilized, adult cats are in estrus every year. At this time, the cat can be more and more balanced in order to prevent the cat from eating light food. Of course, when the cat’s oestrus is over, the symptoms of oestrus will gradually disappear and the cat’s diet will gradually return to normal.

Do you know the habits of Angora cats?

       Every creature has its own special living habits and personality. To love them, we need to understand their differences. Just like rabbits and rabbits eat vegetables and turtles need to soak in water, Angora cat is an ancient cat species. Although it has been used to living with human beings after centuries of domestication, we should not ignore its unique living habits.

       Angora cats are very clean, so they often lick their fur. Their saliva acts like a powerful cleanser, but it’s allergic to humans. Because of swallowing hair during licking, it accumulates in the stomach. Sometimes Angora cats may spit out hair balls, which is harmful to the health of Angora cats. Therefore, as owners, they should often comb their hair.

       The Angora cat still keeps the carnivorous habit of sleeping in the daytime and coming out at night. Many activities such as rat hunting and mating are often carried out at night. The most active time of Angora cats is at dawn or dusk. Most of the time of the day is spent lazily resting or sleeping. The daily sleeping time is 12 to 16 hours, with an average of 13 to 14 hours. However, some Angora cats sleep for 20 hours.

       Sometimes, the police Gora cat urinates everywhere, while the female Angora cat roars and barks in the middle of the night. It is commonly known as “monkey Angora cat”, that is, the estrus of Angora cat. Originally, it was generally believed that the estrus of Angora cats is February or August, but there is no absolute time. Experts believe that non pregnant female Angora cats are in estrus every 14-21 days. The estrus lasts for 3-6 days, and the mating time is about 2-3 days.

How to prevent the cat from missing

       Cats are more self-contained and don’t like caged animals. So when cats like to play outside, or when cats are in estrus, it’s quite common for cats to get lost. So what are the reasons for the cat’s loss? How can owners avoid losing their cats? After the cat is lost, what measures should be taken to find the lost cat? I will analyze it for you.

       If the cat has not been sterilized, he will go out for love because he wants to go out to find a partner. On the way, if the heavy rain washed away the mark of going home, the cat would not find the way to go home. 2. Emotional stimulation and anger may come from the owner’s recent negligence, and the cat runs away in anger; maybe it’s too much pressure; it may be that the cat’s nature is curious and full of interest in the unknown; perhaps it’s because he moved to a new home and missed his old home too much. 3. Poor sense of direction and getting lost. Because domestic cats have been indoors for a long time, their sense of direction is getting worse and they are more likely to get lost. Because they have less contact with the outside world, they can’t make more marks.

       In addition to the influence of mating desire, the male cat without ligation will have a strong regional concept. When the smell of other cats appears outside, he will want to fight and drive the intruder away. 2. Pay attention to the firmness of doors and windows, especially for cats who are used to going out. Even if there are screen windows, it is still easy for some intelligent cats to open the screen. Therefore, it is better to make sure that the doors and windows have been closed and locked. 3, balcony installation guard net, many people have balcony, however, if the balcony is open, it is easy to become a cat to drill out of the loophole. At this time, you can install a protective iron frame or DIY protective net by yourself. Don’t neglect this open space and let the cat have the chance to run away. Small series reminder: pay attention to the size of the gap when installing, and try to select the small slit or hole. 4. Use the cage to take the cat out. When going out, try to use the cage. Only when the cat reaches a safe place can the cat be released. In particular, it is recommended to leave the cage with a door that can be closed, which is safer than the bag, because the cat can easily escape from the side. 5. The advantage of wearing a famous brand implant is that the person who finds the cat can contact the owner directly at the first time according to the contact information on the brand name. However, it is better to use a safety collar when using a famous brand, so as to avoid the collar being caught by articles accidentally, which may cause danger to the cat’s life. Editor’s note: there are chips in the cat’s body, so finding a cat can be used as evidence. 3. How to find the lost kitten 1. First, look for the cat nearby. Because the cat is a cautious and timid animal, when you find that your cat is away from home, don’t rush down the stairs to look for the whole floor first. The cat is likely to hide somewhere in the stairs. Make up a reminder: when looking for the cat, call the cat’s name softly in the corridor, so as to avoid the cat being frightened. 2. The comprehensive community search for cats is likely to stay two kilometers away from home, parks, places with few people, construction sites, parking lots, alleys, garbage dumps and other places where cats are easy to gather. If you want to find it, remember to prepare a flashlight and the mat your cat sleeps on. 3. Create a clue to go home. Put cat food or favorite food on the cat’s food bowl at the door of the house every day, and never stop, because this will make the lost cat attracted by the smell of food. Sometimes even if he can’t find his home, he may find his way home. The best way to find a cat is to post it. The theme should be clear. Make simple posters and post them around the house, bulletin board, business gate, convenience store, animal hospital and pet store for people to identify. In addition to the cat’s characteristics, we should also clearly describe the cat’s characteristics. 5. Neighbors should say hello to the community security and neighbors, especially at night, because the security can better understand the trend in the community. If they find a cat, they must ask them to keep the cat and contact themselves as soon as possible.

What’s the best size for a cat to be sterilized

       Once the cat reaches the age of estrus, it will howl in the middle of the night and urinate everywhere. The cat is uncomfortable and the parents are not easy to rest. The best way is to take the cat to have sterilization, once and for all. What is sterilization? How old should a cat be to be sterilized?

       Sterilization is the surgical removal of the female ovary, uterus, or male testicle, so that it can no longer be reproductive measures. Many parents will choose to sterilize their pets, and the sterilized cats will not be breeding. So, do you know what kind of sterilization would be appropriate for a cat?

       To sterilize a cat, the earliest operation time should also wait until the cat’s physiological maturity. Under normal circumstances, the cat will start its first estrus at the age of 6-8 months, and the cat can be sterilized after the estrus is over. Of course, cats can be sterilized when they grow up, but they can’t be sterilized during estrus. You should wait until your cat is out of estrus or during your usual period of lethargy before you can sterilize it.

Healthy cats also wet their beds

       If cats don’t pee in the litter pan, they pee on your bed, which is absolutely maddening. If the cat is sick and causes disorderly urination, the owner can only cooperate with the veterinarian to treat the cat well, and this will not happen again. If a healthy cat can also wet the bed, you need to find out the real reason as soon as possible, otherwise the bed wetting incident will happen again and again.

       First of all, you can observe whether the cat is in estrus. Cats in estrus will spray urine to transmit information, especially male cats. They generally spray urine when they are in estrus, and their spray range is very wide. Furniture edge, room corner, sofa and bed may be their targets. Their purpose is only to make love to the nearby female cats.

       If your cat has been sterilized or is not in estrus at all, it is likely that they can’t stand the dirty litter basin to wet the bed. Cleaning the litter basin once a day can prevent the cat from urinating in your bed. In addition, some owners use litter basins with covers for their cats. However, not all cats can accept this kind of litter basin. Once they find it more difficult to get in and out of the litter basin than they think, they will directly ignore the existence of the litter basin.

       There are also cats who wet their beds to swear sovereignty. There are many owners who will sleep with the cat, which is nothing, but if one day a new member of the family – whether it is a cat or a dog, or even a human being – comes to the bed, the cat will leave smelly urine in order to swear sovereignty, and they will never give the new member a good look in their daily life.