How to care for old Siamese cats

       When Siamese cats enter old age, their hearing will decline, and some cats will gradually lose their hearing. The skin appears thin and dry. The hair is severely depilated. The body becomes weak and the muscles atrophy. The fluid between the joints begins to dry out, causing inflammation and discomfort. The lens of the eyeball became turbid and slightly gray blue. The fur around the mouth, nose and ear turns white or yellow. Attention should be paid to the regular care of elderly cats and improvement of living conditions. The following Borch network will take you to learn about the nursing skills of Siamese cats in old age


       We should pay more attention to the hardness of the food suitable for cats, supplement calcium, iron, vitamins and other trace elements appropriately, change foods with different flavors, and feed natural food and canned foods scientifically to provide cats with these ingredients.

       Note: do not eat food that is not easy to digest, ensure water supply, and try not to feed seafood and liver.

       brush one ‘s teeth

       If possible, brush your teeth to reduce the bacterial invasion caused by gingival inflammation.

       Eye care

       Always use wet cotton to remove excess mucus and clean skin around eyes.

       Ear care

       Check the inner auditory canal regularly.

       Joint care

       It can massage the joints of the pet’s limbs regularly if it is not able to massage the joints when it is arthritic.