Tips on cat teeth protection

       A cat can eat Moxiang only if it has a good tooth. Therefore, the owner should help the cat to protect its teeth. Otherwise, the cat will suffer from bad breath, bleeding gums and other oral diseases.

       The oral problems of pet cats are accompanied by related symptoms, such as bad breath, coffee yellow tartar near the gums, bleeding gums when chewing food, swollen gums, pain and bleeding when touching the gums and the cat’s mouth from the outside. Oral diseases can also lead to loose teeth, abnormal saliva, lack of appetite, mental depression and other symptoms. Therefore, the owners of cats must pay attention to the oral care of cats in their daily life. Oral care is also important, especially for cats who have been fed soft foods such as fish for a long time. Because with the growth of age, these cats are prone to periodontitis or dental calculus and other oral problems. When you find that your cat suddenly appears drooling, halitosis, eating difficulties, you must consult the veterinarian for treatment. To avoid these problems, in daily feeding should be fed hard and fragile dry food such as cat food, which can rub teeth and remove tartar. At the same time, regularly check the cat’s mouth to see if there are red gums or dental stones, so that through early detection and early treatment, oral disease can be reduced to the minimum.