A brief introduction to oriental cat


       Many people may have a lot of doubts about oriental cat like Xiaobian. Some people may not know it is called oriental cat. Today, Xiaobian will take you to learn about oriental cat.

       [head] long conical wedge-shaped, in good proportion to the body. A triangular ear is formed at the top of the nose, and the whiskers are intact. The width between the eyes is greater than the width of one eye. The whiskers are smooth at all times and the bone structure is obvious. Skull flat. Viewed from the side, it is long and straight, in a straight line from the head to the tip of the nose.

       Long and straight. It’s intact and undamaged.

       Fine, wedge-shaped.

       [chin] medium size. The sharp chin line is in the same vertical plane as the nose tip. Not too big.

       The ears are surprisingly large, protruding, wide and wedge-shaped.

       [eyes] almond shaped, medium-sized. It is neither prominent nor concave. Harmony with nose and ears. Cross. The main color is green, there are blue, white and blue and green strange eyes.

       Long and slender. Distinct combination, delicate bones, strong muscles. Shoulders and hips line up. The hips are not wider than the shoulders. The abdomen is compact. The male is stronger than.

       The neck is long and thin.

       Slender. The hind limb is higher than the forelimb. In good proportion to the body.

       Delicate, small, oval. Toes: five back four front.

       The tail is long and thin, forming a fine cone. Long hair type: tail hair spreads like a feather.

       Short hair type: short, fine, smooth and close to the body. Long hair type: medium length, thin, smooth, close to the body. The longest hair is on the tail.

       [fur color] the fur color of oriental cat can be solid, shadow, smoke, variegated, two-color or spot pattern.

       Cross eyes. Incorrect eye color. Sternum with prominent and / or prominent cartilage.

       [disqualification] there is any evidence of having or having poor health. Weak hind legs. Breathing by mouth due to nasal obstruction or obstruction. Yes. The tail is visible. Too small. Some wrong toes. Long hair type: double coat hair appears.