What’s the reason for the cat’s tooth loss? What to do?


       Healthy cats always have a pair of white teeth, and we can often personally experience the power of cat teeth. However, sometimes we will find some strange things on the floor of the room, such as the cat’s teeth, which means that the cat has lost its teeth. The tooth loss can be caused by a variety of reasons, which may be ordinary tooth replacement or oral disease. ??

       I. tooth change

       The cat begins to grow teeth about 2 weeks after birth, and 26 teeth grow completely in about one month. About 3 months after birth, the deciduous teeth fall off. At 5-6 months, 30 new teeth will grow. ??????

       From the fifth month after birth, the cat began to change its canine teeth. When the cat’s mouth was broken open, you could often see that the gums of the canine teeth of the cat were slightly red, which was a sign of new teeth. In a week or two, you can see that there are four canine teeth in the cat’s upper jaw or lower jaw, that is, there are two teeth in the same canine tooth position, and one tooth is slightly thick, which is the new tooth. With the growth of new teeth, the deciduous canine teeth are gradually loose and fall off, and are vomited out by the cat. If you observe carefully, you may find the cat’s teeth. It’s a kind of memory to keep the baby teeth! ???? ??????

       When a cat is four or five months old, the head of the cat may lose appetite during tooth changing. On the one hand, it is necessary to observe the growth of teeth in the cat’s mouth. On the other hand, it is necessary to provide chewy food for it to protect its new teeth. ?? ????

       One year after the kitten was born, the front teeth of the lower jaw began to wear, and seven years later, the canine teeth gradually aged. In the seventh year, the front teeth of the lower jaw are ground to a round shape; in a 10-year-old cat, all the front teeth in the upper jaw are gone. Careful cat owners, by observing the changes in the cat’s teeth, should prepare different food for the cat, in order to help the cat’s health. ????


       Periodontitis and other dental diseases can cause tooth loss. If periodontitis causes damage to the tissue cells that support the tooth, the tooth will loose and fall off. Because periodontitis is accompanied by severe pain, so it hate things to touch their mouth, do not want to eat. ????

       If the symptoms worsen, osteomyelitis will appear in the jaw bone, and the pus in the root of teeth will break out of the skin. If this happens, special treatment should be given as early as possible, so take it to the hospital as soon as possible. To control infection, penicillin 50000 units / kg body weight, dexamethasone 0.5 mg / kg body weight, mixed intramuscular injection, twice a day. Gentamicin 10000 units / kg body weight, dexamethasone 0.5 mg / kg body weight, mixed intramuscular injection, twice a day. The second is supportive therapy. For cats with reduced appetite, intravenous infusion of glucose and compound saline, and oral vitamin B preparation should be given. ??????

       In addition, three months after birth, when the cat changes its teeth or when it is old, it will lose its teeth without any disease. ??????

       3. Aging

       The gums and alveoli of 12-13-year-old cats begin to relax and their teeth will fall off. It is not sick at this time, so don’t worry, but the food is not chewed enough. At this time, you can’t feed the food that it ate when it was young, and help it change into digestible and chewy food. ??????

       When an old cat loses its teeth, first check whether it has oral disease and whether it is caused by oral disease. If so, it is necessary to see a dentist, wash your teeth and remove tartar. If not, it is usually caused by the decline of physical function of old cats, and the teeth of cats that are old enough also begin to age and slowly fall off. ????

       In addition, tooth diseases are mostly caused by bacterial infection, so preventing the formation of tartar or tartar is the first step of prevention. On weekdays, observe the state of your mouth and treat your teeth with a toothbrush or gauze. It’s good for your cat’s teeth and mouth. ????